Pawn Star experts.

Do they get paid or do they just get a plug?

Most are flown in to the show- they aren’t really just a buddy of Rick’s- and they have to close down their businesses for however long they’re gone, so I’m guessing they get paid for whatever 3 or 4 days of their time is worth. The answer is probably in the credits to the show if you watch them on freeze frame.

Though it would be worth it, at least the first time, even if they just paid your expenses in order to be able to put “As seen on Pawn Stars” by your Yellow Pages ad.

I would think the “regulars” are actually local and don’t have to be flown in, like the guy from the clark county museum and Drew? the guy who validates famous signatures and carries around his giant magnifying glass in an even bigger briefcase…

That he never fastens shut. A little thing, but it bugs the hell out of me. Watch him as he walks in. The case is unlatched every time.

Rick has visited the gun store where his expert works. I think they’ve shown the local toy expert’s store too.

I’m really not sure all these guys are “experts”. Someone that owns a vintage toy shop would know a lot about toys, but they aren’t the worlds foremost authority. :wink:

They’re just people more knowledgeable than Rick.

“So this is the car JFK was assassinated in? Let me call a buddy of mine who’s an expert on cars JFK was assassinated in.”

^^ That’s the part that gets me. Everyone is a ‘buddy’ of Rick even though he has probably never met them before in his life. Also, did you notice the gun expert has changed and that Dana guy seems to be gone also?

I have noticed Rebecca Romney, the lady book expert is kind of hawt. :wink:

info on the experts

But it’s something that gonna be sitting in my shop for awhile. And you have to understand I need to make a profit.
I can’t go any higher than $2,500.

There just really aren’t a lot of JFK Assassination car collectors, you know?

I imagine there really aren’t that many.

I’m really sorry his original restoration guy got his own show and they brought Danny in instead. Danny strikes me as a total shyster.

Dana is gone? Dang. He knew his stuff.

Danny has impressed me thus far. He knows his stuff.

Plus, I gotta frame it up real nice…

Book lady’s hotness was cemented when she fist bumped Chumlee. I could watch her appraise the phonebook.

Yeah, the market really tanked during the recession.

That he does. Plus, if you notice every single restoration project -every single one- comes in significantly over estimate. I get that it’s probably just an act they all go through. That Danny cleared the costs well ahead of time. But it doesn’t make him look good at all in terms of his skills at estimation or to be that blase about his client’s budget.

He may have known his stuff, but he didn’t know how to handle other people’s stuff. It always pissed me off that he was supposed to be an expert in historic items and he was always handling them with his bare hands. It doesn’t take much to carry along a pair of white cotton gloves.

I’m guessing the producers have some kind of rule about that, because I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anybody on the show wear gloves while handling documents, no matter how old or rare.

It doesn’t look like any of the people who bring the items in wear gloves, so maybe the experts figure any damage caused by mishandling and oils on your skin and whatnot has already been done, and don’t feel the need to be extra careful at that point.

I was once told by my boss that there are two definitions for an expert. The management definition is “the farther away he has to come and the more money he charges the bigger expert he is” and then there is the real definition. An expert is someone who knows how to do their job well.