Paxlovid rebound?

The official numbers say you are only about 4% likely to have a rebound after paxlovid. But anecdotally, it seems much higher. So i thought I’d poll this group, and see what our collective anecdotes say.

  • I took paxlovid for covid and rebounded
  • I took paxlovid for covid. No rebound for me
  • I’ve had covid, but didn’t take paxlovid
  • I haven’t had covid
  • Hindu atheists abstain from this poll

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I didn’t vote that way, since the choices are all 1st person, but both my parents (96 and 90) had Covid recently, took Paxlovid, and both had rebound. But it really didn’t impact them much, just a few more days of feeling under the weather.

I have not had Covid, but my wife did 7 weeks ago, got Paxlovid immediately, tested negative and then rebounded kind of hard.

DH and I both had Covid in late August (I was nearly as sick as he was, and I’m vaccinated, while he isn’t). Neither of us gave much thought to Paxlovid, TBH. DH elected to tough it out, a friend of mine suggested it to me, but I take atorvastatin (Lipitor). Having had a TIA in April, I decided that staying on the statin was higher priority than asking my doctor for Paxlovid. Apparently, it doesn’t play nicely with statins.

Only one in my group of five took Paxlovid while recovering from COVID, and no rebound. (She’s almost 80 with a slew of health complications, hence her taking it in the first place. She recovered in 24 hours. No issues. Her son (also caretaker), 47, who caught it first, did not take Paxlovid and had three days of severe flu-like symptoms, but also recovered fine.)

I had covid and recovered rather quickly without Paxlovid. My wife got sick a few days later, took Paxlovid and rebounded hard. We are both fully boosted.

But the OP’s poll doesn’t include people who rebounded without Paxlovid. Anecdotes are a lousy way to collect data unless one is trying to reach a pre-conceived conclusion.

I have covid now and have to decide about Paxlovid by tomorrow. I am leaning against.

Well, the poll is in the first person to reduce bias. And i note that no one has voted “rebound”, yet.

And anecdotally, i suppose my mother died of a covid rebound before paxlovid hit the market. Although her initial symptoms never returned, it was really secondary symptoms that killed her. (Covid attacked her brain, and i think that’s what killed her, not the lungs.)

Anecdotes are less reliable than formal studies, but also produce data much faster. Most meaningful “after-market” studies are inspired by anecdotes. In the middle ages, anecdotes inspired cities to quarantine against plague when scientists were saying “that’s just superstition”. A lot of anecdotes are a red flag. Anecdotally, i know an awful lot of people who rebounded after paxlovid, whose untreated family members did better.

My issue with Paxlovid is the number of interactions and contraindications.

We had a script filled for my 84 year old mother when she had Covid in June, but after reading the patient info we had her speak with her GP first. He advised her against it, largely due to her kidney disease.

I took Paxlovid and rebounded. The entire course of my illness mirrored Joe Biden’s…or rather his mine. I was two days ahead.

I didn’t take it because I’m on blood thinners, and by the time I got my telesession with a doctor I was pretty much recovered.
My wife did take it and didn’t rebound. However she recovered more slowly than I did.