Pay-to-Post's effect on bannings

Maybe the mods or possibly Earthling or some other enterprising individual might want to chime in. Has any Charter Member been banned since we went pay-to-post? has the rate of guest bannings increased compared to member bannings before pay-to-post?

Yes, charter members have been banned. We didn’t have guests before, so it’s hard to say whether we’re banning more/less for <month vs. >month posters. My general impression is we are banning fewer >month posters, since people who just post to make trouble and be a jerk tend not to want to pay for it. Before we might have had more borderline jerks who stuck around for a couple months until we decided they had to go.

Seems to me that there was a rash of bannings of longtime members in the first month or two after we went to paid subscriptons. There were several people who more than occasionally engaged in jerkish behavior but never quite crossed the line into bannable territory who seemed to turn up the heat after the board went pay. I guess they figured they could get away with more since they had shelled out, and it would be more difficult to ban someone who had given money to feed the hamsters. After a while things settled down, and lately bannings seem mostly confined to obnoxious guests.