Paypal and other similar payment methods.

I don’t have any troubles per se with paypal, but I am consistantly and I mean consistantly getting emails about my account being breached from somewhere. At least once a week.

They are not spoof emails. It seems to move in a rhythm of if I buy something with paypal, I seem to get more activity on this matter. The less I use it, the less emails.

Does anyone else have this problem with paypal?

Also, any other info on online third party handlers of cashola would be appreciated.

I’ve never had this issue with PayPal- can you post a copy of what you’ve received?
I can’t imagine that they’re real Pay-Pal e-mails.

How do you know they’re not spoof e-mails? I probably get at least 1 such e-mail a week about security problems with my paypal account, and I don’t even have a paypal account!

I’m sure a real paypal user will chime in if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall reading that any legitimate paypal e-mails will address you in the body of the e-mail by name (i.e. Dear Canadjun, not Dear valued customer or whatever). Do your e-mails address you in the body of the e-mail by your name?

WEll, the irony is that they go to my secondary email account that I had originally set up Paypal and Ebay up with. ( I was getting buttloads of spam there, so I went over to Gmail, which has better filters.)

Whenever it is through that address, I can log on to the paypal site with no worries (which I never do in the event it is a spoof.) I always log in seperately to protect myself.

A friend of mine got a spoof so real that it nearly fooled me, and I can usually spot them a mile away. I HAVE had problems with my Pay Pal account (I got overdrawn once) and I STILL didn’t get an e-mail from them. The only e-mail communications I get from Pay Pal are about new features or privacy notices. Never, ever anything account related. I’d be interested to see the actual mail. (or you can forward me one at suzette100 @ yahoo dot com if you want- I’m just curious if it’s the same one my friend got).

According to PayPal’s own web site:

It seems to me that ANY e-mail claiming that your PayPal account has any problem of any sort with a link for you to click to “rectify” the situation should be regarded as a phishing attempt.

When in doubt, manually go to PayPal’s site yourself in a separate browser and check out your account info there.


Would you care to post the text of one of these emails here?

Paypal is the #1 target for phishing scams, mostly because they do all their business by e-mail and thus the idea of an e-mail message is more believable than from a regular bank (though people fall for those, too).

The key indicator of a phishing scam is that the message makes it seem like you need to go to the website RIGHT NOW!!! or dire things might happen to your account.

See for more information, but I’ll bet you’ll find most of the messages you received listed there.

Will do when the next one strolls in, which should be any day. I’ll post it here.

I hope I am not being so dense.