Paypal tips

I decided to sell off a couple of concert tickets on craigslist.

I found a buyer and the buyer asked if I had Paypal. I didn’t. I understand it’s all the rage these days, so I decided to sign up for a personal Paypal account because it’s about time I caught up to technology.

My bank account hasn’t been confirmed with Paypal yet, but the buyer has apparently sent me money to my new Paypal account and requestsed that I mail the tickets.

Two questions:

**1. How to protect myself as a seller? I don’t want to send off the tix and find that the buyer’s payment has been reversed somehow ex post facto.

  1. What are some general tips on using Paypal as a buyer and seller?**

I looked at , but that seemed to have many specific individual complaints instead of general common sense evereyday tips on safe paypal use.

One tip seems to be that you should never carry a large balance in your paypal account. Another is that you should keep a small separate checking account linked to paypal and transfer all revenue out of paypal and the linked account asap. Anything else?

paypal also offers a debit mastercard with their logo. get one. you can spend your paypal without having to request a check, make a transfer, etc.

when you get any sort of payment notification from paypal, make sure the money is really in your account. people have been known to spoof the payment notification emails.

i prefer to only send to confirmed addresses. always shell out the extra 60 cents or whatever the usps charges to get delivery confirmation. if you can’t provide proof it was delivered, paypal will take the position that it was not in the event of a chargeback.

i’m sure there are a lot more good tips, but that’s all i can think of off the top of my head.

Well, if you want a warm and fuzzy most paypal users are also ebay buyers and sellers. Ask them for their ebay name.

forgot to finish … “and look at their feedback.”

Make sure you put in big bold letters in any add for stuff you sell:

No Credit Card Payments through Paypal.

People will try to pay by creidit card if you don’t, and you’ll either have to upgrade your account and start paying fees, or refund the payment.

All good stuff, thanks.

Also, should I be concerned about using my primary email address? Should I use my anonymous internet spam catcher address instead?

Then he has make sure that he’s not using the Paypal Credit Cards ACCEPTED logo, as opposed to the ‘regular’ one; the paypal credit cards accepted logo is the default. He has to manually deselect it in his paypal prefs.

If he doesn’t, that logo and the terms included; over-rides any disclaimer he has and he must either accept credit cards or receive a non-performing seller mark and a neg.

I personally never pay for anything with paypal, unless I can use a credit card.

Whoops just noticed OP listed on Craigslist…nevermind.

Whoops just noticed OP listed on Craigslist…nevermind.

IIRC, eBay (and I’d assume PayPal as well since it’s owned by eBay) makes you jump through an extra hoop to use some of the widely-available web-based providers. I was trying to update my eBay address and when I tried to change it to my Yahoo address, there was some extra step. I guess because they’ve been burned a few times with that sort of account.

I’ve used PayPal for a few years now and never had any trouble. I did link it to a secondary checking account, rather than our “main” one, on the remote chance that someone might hack the account somehow. The account I linked it to never has more than a couple hundred dollars so that limits my exposure should something ever go wrong.

I received payment from the buyer. Then, I read that Paypal has a seller protection policy (SPP) with stringent requirements to avoid chargebacks. I reversed the payment until I can comply 100% with the SPP. The SPP calls for:

  1. Verified Premier/Business Account
  2. Mailing tangible goods to the buyer’s confirmed address
  3. Proof of shipment via internet tracking of the delivery
  4. Proof of buyer’s receipt if $250 or more
  5. Shipment within 7 days of payment
  6. Single payment from buyer only, not multiple payments
  7. No surcharge to buyer for Paypal use

Do you sellers follow all of these standards all the time?

People will try to pay you with credit cards through Paypal even if you put a disclaimer in your auctions, or change your logo, or even display a picture with big blinking letters that says you won’t ever accept credit card payments through Paypal, even if your life depended on it. People are just stupid that way…good luck! No way am I going to upgrade my account and start paying a % on any payments I receive, CC or not.

Just be careful, I’ve never had a problem with Paypal, as a buyer or seller, but maybe I’ve just been lucky.

Can’t you just raise your asking price high enough to cover any applicale Paypal fees?