pbrtallboy is hot

I am publically professing my lust for pbrtallboy. He’s absolutely gorgeous. He has more than enough AbFab education. He’s just hot. This is my thread for him. :smiley:

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Care to share pix so we can judge for ourselves?

Gee, how did I know you’d start this thread, Scott? I mean, after the way you and he were carrying on in that crush thread… oh my! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

But whether I’m straight or not (I am, by the way), I second Homebrew’s question… pictures, please? [sub]Though the opinion of a straight girl probably doesn’t matter much…[/sub]

Hee hee hee! I can’t wait until he gets to work to see this! :smiley:

Well, scott, if you need any dirt on him, just let me know. (I grew up with the guy.)

Hey, pbr, I’ll call you tonight when I get to Hotlanta.

SKerri, who is SO tickled about this thread :smiley:

Keep it up and I’ll be starting a thread entitled “Scott evil is a horny guy who has a crush on you and thinks pbrtallboy is hot”

Nope, sorry. Discretion. In spite of what you might think of me, I do have morals… :wink:

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ahhhhh geez! Get a room already you two! :smiley:

Honey, until I get his ass up here from Atlanta, this is our room. :smiley:

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i recommend two tylenol, lots of liquids, and bedrest.