PBS Great Performances: The Hollow Crown

Anyone planning on checking this out? Starts next Friday, Sept 20.

This might help me achieve my life goal of eventually getting a bunch of the kings and queens of England straight in my mind.

I guess not.

I’m definitely going to check that out - sounds like a bunch of great actors and I haven’t had a chance to see most of those plays (except Kenneth Branagh’s version of Henry V).

Already pre-ordered the DVDs! I’m looking forward to it.

Wow, thanks ThelmaLou! I will definitely watch this series.

More than fifty years ago, there was a BBC series called “An Age of Kings,” which introduced me to Shakespeare’s English history plays. I developed a love of Shakespeare and a fascination with 15th Century English history which persists to this day. “An Age of Kings” is available on DVD. It’s in black-and-white, 4x3 format, but it is still riveting. The first time I ever saw Sean Connery was in “An Age of Kings” (he played Hotspur).

Honey, you made my day… on two counts. Thx. :slight_smile:

Loved Ben Whishaw’s clever and subtle portrayal of Dickie II but it was shown in the summer and I didn’t stay with the whole thing.

As mentioned, amazing cast. Sam Mendes produced it.


I’m planning on watching; the cast sounds tremendous.

A. I like Richard II. I think it was one of my first introductions to the histories and it has some lovely, lovely speeches
B. I love Henry V.
C. I would watch a show called “Tom Hiddleston Reads the Phone Book and Watches Paint Dry.” Tom Hiddleston as Hal is must see viewing for me.

Really looking forward to it.