PBS's "Sandwiches That You Will Like" - what's your favorite sandwich shop?

Even Tony Luke’s roast pork?

I have to say I’m partial to IB Hoagie’s (a mini-chain up here in NorCal), but TOGO’s is really good too.

OK, it’s been a long time since my last Bill and Bob’s. My memory isn’t perfect.

But how could I have omitted Rein’s Deli in Vernon, CT, the perfect stop on I-84 between Boston and New York? Their pastrami Reuben, with a half-sour pickle and a can of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray tonic on the side, is just to die for. If you have time for a full meal there and not just a sammidge, as the young’uns say these days, “It’s all good.”

Here in the glass City, you can rock it up at Mancino’s. You can tell this is an out of sight place just by the fact they call thier sammiches ‘Grinders’. They stack the meat as high as the bun. Tyhe Steak, which I have not yet tried has beena hit on more than one occasion. But my favorite is thier B.L.T. The usual ingedience on a bun, warmed with a thin layer of mozzarella cheese.

[Homer] MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM B.L.T. slobber [/Homer]

Togo’s is a big chain now, but the first location, right next to San Jose State, made some of the best sanwiches I’ve ever had back in the early '70’s. Nowadays whenever I go to one of the franchised stores, I can only dream of that old house on William street with a line of students out the door…

Here in Spokane, Domini’s is legendary. Layers and layers of the finest deli meats and cheeses on French, wheat, or sourdough bread with your choice of condiments plus all the free popcorn you can eat. A “small” sandwich will pretty much fill you up for the day.

That was…nice.

Moving on. Yeah, no Primanti’s? Some may think it’s overrated, but dude, it was featured in National Geographic. Primanti’s is always on those Food Network specials. So yeah, I think PBS dropped the ball here, at least when it comes to Pittsburgh.

Obviously, Mr. Obvious has no direct experience with either Primanti Bros. or with Pittsburgh women.
A Primanti sandwich is made on sliced Italian-style bread, has a choice of a large variety of different fillings, and has french fries and cole slaw as toppings. My particular favorite (and one of the best sellers) is the cheese steak. The producers of that show really tramped on their peckers by concentrating on Iseley’s_which no longer even exists as a chain! Iseley’s is strictly a nostalgic topic of conversation for older Pittsburghers.
As for the Pittsburgh women, they are as beautiful as any women, anywhere; and just like women everywhere they come in all shapes and sizes.

Italian combo with hot peppers with extra oil and vineger.

“The Cold Cut Store” Emerson, New Jersey

Nice, big, sandwich for $4.75. Can’t be beat.