PC Games on a Mac in Parallels/VMWare?

Long ago, I was a Mac guy. I switched to PC for the games, and I miss my Mac OS. The time is approaching when I need to upgrade my gaming desktop at home, and I am wondering if I can get away with switching back to Mac.

I know I can use Boot Camp and dual-boot to XP or Vista for games, but what I really want is to be able to run Windows games within OS X. Parallels 4 claims to be able to do this, with fairly limited compatibility. What I am looking for is real-life examples of people who have had success getting high-end Windows games to run in this way.

Can I do it? Or will I wind up sticking with Windows, or dual-booting? And if I am going to have to dual-boot, how long does it take to swap over?

I would use CrossOver instead of Parallels. I use it to run Windows games and applications all the time.

However, dual-booting is easy. It takes as long as it takes for your Mac to restart. I have Windows XP installed for… well, for games that are so hardware-intensive that I don’t want to run them in emulation (that does tend to slow things down a bit, but it’s GREAT for older games).

Thanks, Unsquare Dance. May I ask what games you are running in Crossover, and which ones you need to dual-boot for?

I use CrossOver to run games like Unreal Tournament, the original Sims, Undying, and Grim Fandango. You can run slightly newer games—maybe last generation stuff—on a new Mac with it, but I use XP to play stuff like Half-Life 2 so I can use maximum settings.

Okay. Sounds like my dreams of gaming in a virtual machine are not reasonable. :frowning:

I’ve had horrible results with Windows games within the VMWare and Parallels environments.

The good news is EVE has already been ported to the Mac, and COH/COV is currently in Mac Beta.

how does CrossOver Games compare? It seems designed specifically to allow for gaming (this just from a quick glance at the page)

I can tell you that I was better off running Warhammer Online using Boot Camp than with Parallels (for the 3 weeks I played that shitty, shitty game). Other than that, I would rather play a game that is Mac than ever have anything to do with Windows ever again.