PC HELP! How did I land in Oz?!?

I was working on my PC, typing away, when my fingers connected with the WRONG key combination of CTRL something. Instantly, my screen (showing Firefox) shifted to the right and magically I am in a parallel universe! I am still in Firefox, but all my open tabs are gone - like a rotating bookcase in a haunted house. I am sure they are there…somewhere…perhaps some keystroke caused me to instantly switch users? Does anyone know how I get back? Has anyone else had this experience?

What keystroke combination might have caused this? Any ideas or best guesses?

P.S. I have Windows 10

Windows key + Ctrl + arrow key will switch workspaces (desktops?) in Windows 10.

CTRL W will quickly close tabs – how quickly depends on your computer.

You get them back from “History”

Appropriate user handle.

Ctrl + Shift + T is the usual way of restoring accidentally closed tabs.

I just want to say, I love this analogy.

Just getting a chance to follow up. Too much chaos in my life. Anyway, thank you all so much for the feedback. It was a freaky experience!

Did you get it to work?

You might have accidentally set Firefox to tablet mode, so it’s acting like you have a small screen That happened to me once, four or five years ago, and I was … displeased. I don’t recall losing tabs though, so maybe this is something else.