PC/Printer Problem. Got me baffled.

My printer, as is its wont, decides to cease operations or act weird at the worst opportunity. Its latest trick is refusing to print. When I hit print on my computer, say for a Word document, the printer will fire up and make those diligent printer noises. I can hear and see the arm/thingie with the cartridge on it moving back and forth, and it sounds like it’s working like hell. But the pages come out blank. Moreover, it will continue spitting out blank pages until all the paper is gone, then it has to be unplugged, or it’ll sit there flashing the “No Paper” light. So, what’s the problem?

The printer is networked. It’s actually attached to my girlfriend’s computer. We have a small LAN here, hooked up through a gateway/router. It’s an HP Deskjet 3320. Inkjet. Both our computers are running Windows XP Professional. Her stuff will print fine, it’s mine that has the problems. Though sometimes rebooting her computer will make my stuff print.

If it didn’t keep printing page after page of nothing, I’d say check the ink levels. :wink:

Heck, check the ink levels anyway. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it (from your computer first, then your girlfriend’s) as well.

Try moving it to your machine, and printing direct. That will sort out whether it’s a network problem or something on your PC.

Ink levels are fine, it’s a brand new cartridge. I’ll have to try moving it tomorrow and see what happens.

Did you try a test print just through the printer interface? If a print test does not work you can be sure that it is the printer and not the network/computers causing the problem.

From the HP support site:

HP Deskjet 3000 series printers (except for HP Deskjet 3800 series)

Running a diagnostic test

Turn the printer on.
Press and hold down the POWER button.
Open and close the top cover four times.
Release the POWER button.
NOTE: When running the test on an HP Deskjet 3600 series printer it may be helpful to use a pen or pencil to hold down the power button.

START:H (support center)
Put in the search box: network printer

You can read some neat hints on what to do that way.