PC problem--audio plays at higher pitch

Here’s a strange problem–all audio played on my PC is transposed to a higher pitch than normal. I fist noticed it with the startup sound and confirmed it with a Youtube video (The Pretenders’ “Brass in Pocket”–Chrissy sounds like a Chipmunk.)

I haven’t made any hardware changes, and the only software change was that I renewed my AVG subscription (which of course shouldn’t change anything.)

Any ideas?

The fact that it’s happening with different players and types of inputs (e.g. startup sounds and Youtube videos) suggests it’s either a hardware or OS problem. What type of sound card do you have? Have you looked at the settings in the audio devices control panel (assuming you have Windows)?

Thanks Jeff. I reloaded the drivers and all is well. All the same, it’s a funny way for a PC to break.