PC question

It’s time for a new desktop. Followed a link from another PC thread to this. Whattaya think, Dopers? All I do is email, surf, chess and stream Netflix. Also, if Windows 10 is as fucked as everyone seems to think, could I put my copy of Windows 7 on this rig? Thanking you.


Windows 10 is fine. That computer is fine. You could spend less if you want, but an off-the-shelf direct from Dell is a great choice, particularly for your needs.

Unless you really get a kick out of building your own, then I’d do it.

I’ve got Windows 10 on two machines (work and home) and have not had a problem. I’m thinking the problems people are having are more hardware related than OS related.

Why do you need a new desktop?

The uses listed are fairly simple and a 5-7 year old machine can easily handle them. If you have MS Windows 7 on a machine of comparable vintage, you should be fine except maybe for easily replaced parts like a new monitor.

You could get a new machine to meet all your needs for $200-300 cheaper. Never mind a lightly used or refurbished one.

Buying via MS, or even worse a MS product, maximizes your money loss.

Even if you have a very old machine, Pentium D vintage, a SSD and a RAM upgrade will work wonders.

Dude, he’s looking at a $700 computer and your suggestion might lower his cost by $300. It’s hardly worth it. And given that the mainstream support period is already over for Windows 7, I think you’re better off going directly to Windows 10. (And Win10 is fine; I’ve had no real issues with it.)

See, the earlier thread touted the advantages of buying direct from MS, making the point that this eliminates bloatware, makes sure that Windows Defender and other stuff is current, etc. I have no IT knowledge whatsoever so ease of use is important.

My old PC is sllooowww. I have re-installed Windows 7 a number of times but it always slows down. I have Malware Bytes and BitDefender for viruses, both say I am clean. This PC has lots more memory and 1 terabyte HD vs 75 GB. Plus 200 of this is for the monitor. My current is 17 inches, this one is 24. That’s why I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on this one.

When my PC desktop crashed 18 months ago, I grabbed the quickest replacement I could find, which was a refurb laptop with Win-7 for $150. I’m still using it, I’ve bonded with it, and have bought another one just like to keep in reserve. I had never thought I could live like that, but I’m just fine with it. I have a perfectly good monitor in the closet that cost more than my whole laptop.

I realize that I was just overinvested in something, and it was fine to scale back. It can be spiritually cleansing. It’s like when I had a '58 Jaguar. got tired of maintenance costs, and replaced it with a '62 VW Beetle.