PC RPG Engines

About 11 years ago a PC Role Playing Game engine was produced for Dungeons & Dragons fans (and, I guess, anyone else interested in the software) called UNLIMITED ADVENTURES that allowed the user to create and play their own fantasy RPG. I had it and thought it was pretty cool.

Needless to say, those games I created are now pretty hum-drum compared to the graphics, depth of plot and internet capability of games available today.

Has another such piece of software been produced recently (aside from modifiable Doom/Quake type games that allow some manipulation of graphics without changing the actual flavor of the mass-slaughter game)? Or do I have to go back to school and learn how to program? If so, what computer language do companies like 3DO, Microsoft, Bethesda, etc. use?

Neverwinter Nights is pretty open to customising, but is rooted in the D&D 3rd Edition rules.

Most common languages are C++ and Java.

You could try the Coldstone Game Engine from Ambrosia Software:


I’m not a programmer and so haven’t used it, but it might let you do sort of what you’re talking about.

Oh wait, my bad. While Coldstone will create games that run on both Mac and Windows, Coldstone itself will only run on a Mac.

Yup…NWN is extremely customizable. The new expansion added even more to it (Shadows of Undrentide I think it’s called). Extensive stuff that can swallow months of time creating your own worlds if you let it.

OK, next question, I’m running an old 380 Mhz machine & NWN wants a 450 Mhz. What’d happen if I tried to run the software?

Can’t believe no one has mentioned this: it’s very old school, but try Blades of Exile, by Spiderweb Software. It’s available in both PC and Mac versions, and the custom made scenarios (you can use your own graphics or default ones) will play on both Macs and PCs. The game is node-based/stuff-done flag based, but it is amazing some of the tricks and effects that certain scenario designers have come up with.

But wait - there’s more… Spiderweb based Blades of Exile on their popular Exile RPG trilogy. They recently totally revamped and updated that trilogy as the Avernum trilogy. They will also be bringing out Blades of Avernum for custom made scenarios, but with scripting, so it will be way more powerful than Blades of Exile.

And Matchka - all Spiderweb’s games are highly backwards compatible, running on all older Mac and PC systems. Only low specs required.

My machine is an 800Mhz, and I had to get a new graphics card to run it at all. I have plenty of screen lagging, it would most likely be terrible for you.

That said, the game is what you’re looking for.