PC World doesn't actually say "go buy a Mac," but...

They give the “Best of 2004” O.S. honor to Apple.

They also give iTunes “Best Newcomer” award: Apple makes Windows apps about as often as Microsoft ships bug-free products, and if iTunes for Windows is any indication, that’s a crying shame.

I’m not gloating, I’m just happy that the faithful aren’t the only ones who find merit with Apple products. :smiley:

**PC World doesn’t actually say “go buy a Mac,” but… **

I luv my Mac G5!

This also just in…
Ex-Microsoft loyalist says Mac OS X is really great

Yay! I agree wholeheartedly wiith both. (Though if they thought iTunes was such a great program, it’d be nice if they could friggin’ spell it right.)

Well, I adore my 64. My Commodore 64!


I hated iTunes. It had the worst elements of MS’s ‘try to tell me how to organise things’ attitude, and a horrible interface. And shitty radio stations.

But that’s just me…

I’ve been thinking for the last year whether my next computer should be a Mac. Now you’ve really got me thinking that Mac is the only logical computer choice.
Windows-based systems are horrendous (but I guess I’m preaching to the converted huh?)
I tried making a home network for only 2 computers - I was happy I could get these just to share a modem and decided NOT to waste another good chunk of my life figuring out file shraing and so on.
It seems to me that each new Windows version is a geat step backward. My God, why the Hell is Windows 2000 and XP so damned complex? Ever follow the steps to correct a Windows problem? Go to the HKEY registry, host files, task manager, - when did all these things come about? And the good old - start with last good configuration. No wonder people who make scumware aka crapware are having a field day with Windows computers running Internet Explorer. Man it’s like having a bank safe with a revolving door on it.