Putting aside the question of, “But why?”, does there exist any converters that you can plug into a PCI slot and get an ISA slot? I’ve tried Googling it and saw some links about PCI to ISA bridge cards, but couldn’t get much information.
Anyway, thanks in advance.

Just from the mechanical aspect I don’t think it can be done with the card mounting in the original slot. IIRC the card is on the opposite side of the back plate but I doubt if there is room enough to fit an adapter. In any event it won’t be as simple as connecting pin 1 to pin A, etc. so it would not be a passive connector.

The why may be useful as you may need to find an alternative way to do this. I suspect you have a legacy card of some kind.

Something like this?


Don’t expect scr4’s suggestion to be cheap. The ISA card in the picture in the link will reside in an expansion chassis (think extra computer case) with a passive backplane in it. I wouldn’t expect it to cost less than $1000 based on my experience with ISA>ISA and PCI>PCI expansion chassis.

The OP may make it look like I need one, but I actually don’t.