PCs: Ping My Internet Connection!

Does any SDoper recall the command to test the internet connection when the PC won’t connect? I am not referring to the windows-friendly option to allow you to let the PC self-diagnose. Instead, I am trying to recall the right command to type into the “Run…” box. Any clues?

Try ‘ipconfig’ for starters. It’ll tell you some information about your network connection, including IP address.

It may help slightly if you know which system you’re running, and tell us what exactly you’re trying to do, or what the problem is specifically.

In the run box type “cmd” (without the quotes) to start a command prompt. Then as panamajack suggested type “ipconfig” and hit enter. Look for the adapter that you are using to connect to the internet – it will probably be labeled Local Area Connection, but might be wireless or something else. Note the Default Gateway on that adapter, then type “ping Default_Gateway_IP” where the Default_Gateway_IP is the one from ipconfig.

If you have a router your IP address will probably be 192.168.X.X, with the router as the default gateway on a different 192.168.X.X address. If the ping comes back with four replies then you are connected to the router correctly. If it times out then you probably have a setting or wiring problem somewhere.

If you can ping the default gatway try pinging something on the internet, like

Furthermore you can try to ‘ping’. If you can’t do that you could have a protocol issue. is similar to pinging your own computer without going on the internet and tests that your internal settings are ok.

Think of it like travel:

Being able to ping means you can go across the room.

Being able to ping your router means you can drive to the edge of town.

Being able to ping (a public DNS server, in case you don’t know) means you can hop a plane and fly out to Tokyo if you want.

Also, in the ipconfig screen, if your ip address starts with 169.x.x.x, it usually means you were unable to obtain an ip address from your DHCP server (which is probably your router). If this is the case, you might try rebooting your router and modem and then recheck ipconfig after that to see if you obtained a new address.