PDA (PocketPC) users, recommend some software!

Well I’m now the proud owner of a Dell Axim x51v. Brilliant little device with all the features I’ve been waiting for in a handheld (WiFi, bluetooth, VGA graphics, etc.)

Here’s what I’ve got so far:
[li]GPS software – iGuidance for navigation, GPS tuner for Geocaching[/li][li]TCPMP – a great pocket media player that will play a variety of formats and even rotate landscape to use the full screen (iPod video, eat your heart out).[/li][li]A couple neat games like Sudoku and Bejeweled. [/li][li]Pocket UFO – X-Com UFO Defence for the PDA!!![/li][li]Wififofum – a pocket WiFi site scanner.[/li][li]Pocket Skype – VOIP in the pocket[/li][/ul]

Any other recommendations (free or otherwise)?

Not a lot of PocketPC users, eh?

Hey, there are some of us. It just takes a while to read the SDMB on this tiny screen. :slight_smile: I have a Verizon xv6700 (the US version of the HTC Apache, also sold here as the Sprint PPC-6700) which is a Pocket PC phone. So I’m on the same platform but with slightly different needs.

Microsoft Voice Command is excellent – it allows for voice dialing, which is a must.

I am trying out PocketBreeze, which reskins the Today screen and adds a number of nice new functions (like close buttons that really close, and alt-tab functionality for Pocket IE).

There is a version of Nethack available for Windows Mobile 5 as well. I am staying away from games for the most part, though – I have a PSP for gaming on the go.

If you haven’t got it, you’ve got to get Avantgo. It’s great. Sync up and automatically get movie times, up to date news, forums, you name it.

Which sudoku program have you got? I’ve been trying to decide which one I should download.

Thanks for the suggestions, y’all.

I went with the Resco Sudoku, though I also demo’d the Astraware one. Both are good. I really like the different skins with the Resco version. It’s interesting doing Sudoku with colored marbles instead of numbers. Like this.