Any Windows Mobile 5/PPC software reccomendations?

I have the XDA Exec (not sure of the hardware’s original name… It’s the clam-style pda with the built in qwerty keyboard and the 640x480 screen) and I want some cool software to play with.

Specifically I want a drawing app. Something which with the aid of the stylus will allow me to set the creative juices flowing.

When browsing for software for PDAs I mostly find third-party versions of stuff they already have as standard which is annoying. I want new stuff. Cool stuff. Stuff that can work well on such a capable device.

I would also like more movie codecs for it. I’m lucky if ten percent of the videos I try to play on it will play.

A 3d and/or CAD app would be cool. Does such a thing exist for PPC/WM5?

Well, for the movie stuff, I got a kinda round about way. I have an PPC-6700 (the HTC Wizard I believe). ORB software works very well on Sprint’s EVDO network, and great using Wi-Fi. It is possible to copy your DVD’s to your home computer and use ORB to access them anywhere you have internet access (IE anywhere you have a data signal or Wi-Fi access). Also gives you access to television if you have a tuner in your computer.

I’ve never looked for any drawing programs, sorry. I do love my WM5 device.

For movies, TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) is your best bet. Handles 5 video codecs and 7 audio codecs and even has support for hardware scaling on the Intel 2700g video chipset. It used to do AAC but Apple bitched and moaned so they had to remove its support. Quite annoying, that. Still, this is an excellent player and works very well on my Axim x50v. And it’s free.

For art … I’ve come across a few in passing but I haven’t paid a great deal of attention to most of them so I can’t recall any names. I don’t think there are very many with VGA support though, which is a pity. PocketGear would be the best place to find it though. I check this site daily myself to see what’s new and interesting.

I’ve got an Axim x51v and I love it. I started a thread a while ago with my uses for it looking for more. See here.

Here’s a short list:

Buy an external bluetooth GPS receiver and go nuts
A good scientific calculator
Download TomeRaider for ebooks. Not so much novels, but awesome reference works in your pocket. I have the CIA world fact book, several dictionaries (including the OED), and the Wikipedia (warning: 2GB!).

Games, including NES and Gameboy emulators
Programmable universal remote control (I like NoviiRemote. Change the channel on a TV when you’re at a restaurant!


Don’t forget the Opera browser.
Total Commander is a great file manager for when File Explorer is being too protective.