PDF Browser problem


I’m trying to view PDF in my browser window. never a problem before. Now, it just comes up blank white page.

Firefox > Foxit = blank
Chrome > Foxit = blank
IE > Foxit = it works!

All PDFs, or a particular PDF, or PDFs from a particular site?

all of them.

I can open a pdf that has been saved to pc but one that I click online will not open in browser window.

I normally use foxit but tried downloading adobe to solve the problem but same thing… blank white screen.

Although I don’t know if firefox is still trying to use foxit.

Tools>Options>Applications then change the behavior of PDFs. If it is “open in browser,” change it so that it opens Foxit first then the PDF.

BTW, what is “blank screen”? Gray, black, etc.? I get the black sometimes (with Adobe), and a refresh sometimes fixes it, although you can’t refresh every page. The above solution works otherwise, might need some tinkering.

In firefox, I just went to tools>options>applications and switched PDF from Adobe to to FOXIT.

Now, instead of opening a PDF in the browser, it activates FOXIT separately and opens it there.

In FOXIT, the box is checked to OPEN PDF IN BROWSER

I’d uninstall and reinstall Foxit. When you reinstall, it should resinstall the driver for Firefox and Chrome. (IE uses a different system.)

I also can provide you with a Greasemonkey Script or Firefox addon that will automatically open Google’s PDF reader for every PDF. It’s slower to load, but you don’t need a plugin.