Peace in Afghanistan in 2014?

First of all, let me start out that I don’t believe my sister-n-law most of the time. A combination of gullibility, CT mentality and overall difficulty in understanding complex (i.e. many parts) concepts make conversations a mocha kind of swirl between entertainment and want to shoot myself in the head. For example, her latest claim was that the Congress picks the President where the States vote (I think she is confused about and combining when no one gets 270 EV and winner-take-all everywhere except Neb. and Maine) and the election is merely to see if Americans agree with their choice (I guess that explains 2000).

Anyways, her new one is that Obama has promised that we will be out of Afghanistan completely by 2014. I hadn’t heard this but I figured it was typical election year promises two to four years down the road. But then she said that the pullout was guarantied because the military has agreed to leave Afghanistan even over any future Presidental order (yes that’s mutiny) so I question what was even said.

So from a GQ perspective, any news on when we are due to leave Afghanistan completely?

This is a simplification. The Administration expects to have removed the bulk of US forces from Afghanistan by 2014. VP Biden was pretty adamant about it during the debate. At the same time, many expect there will be such things as Special Forces, “trainers,” flight lines, logistics assistance, and embassy/consulate guard forces past 2014.

I have never heard any military leader imply they would withdraw without the President’s direction to do so. If she has a citation for this, I would like to see it.

Also, it is worth pointing out that your thread title is false. Although we expect minimal American participation in theatre in 2014, Afghanistan will certainly NOT be at “peace” under any but the most strained definition of the word.