Peace, you are a worthless piece of shit, and a liar to boot.

Go fuck yourself and die. Who the fuck cares what you think.

linkety link link?

Short, concise, it’s got a nice beat and I can dance to it. Scylla’s background filler certainly is certainly one I’d remember and can sing to in my car.

The Scandinavian judge is going to be taking points off for lack of a question mark for sure. Me, I think the first sentence needed an “!” to properly convey the heartfelt emotion that accompanied the rant.

I’d say peace out, but I’d feel dirty in the morning.

Being the aforementioned Scandinavian Judge, I take offense at you telling the world what I might or might not take points off for in this contest. I would ask you simply to go fuck yourself and die. And, of course, who the fuck cares what you think. That said:
You are, of course, correct. The question mark here is essential to the overall form of the post. Without it, the post is like a lumbering beast running willy nilly all about. This part of the post reads like a proto-human beating upon some sort of dead carcass with a bone tool or the like. I’m taking off 3.5 points.
I agree with the addition of an exclaimation point at the end of the first “sentence” (if we MUST call it that). I would actually prefer two here. In the standardized book of posting form, page 25, section “c” it clearly states:
"To execute the proper use of the words “fuck” and “die” in the same sentence, one must follow through the movement with “!!”. Example: “May you fuck a sheep and die of anthrax!” compared to “May you fuck a sheep and die of anthrax!!” I don’t think I need to comment on the radically different feel these two phrases evoke. So, 1.5 points taken off here.

However, the general artistic feel of the post is engaging, so no points taken there. I love the brevity of the statement, along with the self-imposed wit. Touche, indeed!

Of course, the whole affair is made charming and playful by the addition of Scylla’s comment, especially “linkety”. God, what a belly laugh that caused! Does that make the peice? Perhaps not. But it certainly makes it the “cat’s meow”, so to speak.

Overall score: 5
Artistic Merit: 7.5

Is the major angry at mr peace? :smiley:

I’m not going to go look up every single one of Peace’s posts to find out what Feelgud is talking about. I don’t think many others would, either.

So, Feelgud, 'til you get around to doing your job… go fuck yourself. And be sure to provide a link when you do.

I think it’s because of this.

Oh, BOOH. Peace used the word “arrogant”. He could have said “unsubstantiated” in this case. It would have been more accurate.

And as far as flames go, this gets a skinny 2 out of 10. Even the Japanese judge skipped his usual “courtesy 6”.


Yes, boo-fucking-hoo.

You made a claim. You were asked for evidence. You didn’t provide it (“You don’t wanna know” isn’t evidence, genius!). You got called on it.

Deal with it, you fucking crybaby.

A. Boring?..hey…I put a lot of work into my post ::sulking::
B.I conferred with the Japanese judge right after your post. He issued the following official statement:
“6.1, thank you. plus .1 for breaking boring into bo-ring. As you know, the bo-ring is an ancient Japanese monastic device to call Shintu preists to prayer. Very clever.”

The Japanese judge NEVER skips his courtesy 6.

Well, I’d like to thank the Major for forcing me to read that heretofore carefully passed-over GQ thread. I found it marvelously entertaining, and I plan on sharing it with the Better Half when he comes home for lunch today. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

(FTR, IMO, Peace was snotty and so the Major was snotty back. [shrug] You kids shut up in there or I’m gonna turn the TV off and you’ll have to go outside.)

And now I wanna know where the Major got the 22 psi figure from. Okay, as promised, here we all are in the Pit…Sir, the men would like to know…

Something tells me that Major Feelgud has some MAJOR issues…
But then, according to him, I’m just a stupid cunt.

Apologies to all. Didn’t know there was so much netiquette involved in starting such a thread.

Guinastasia: Wow, this is really like life where grudges are carried for life. FYI, you were only a stupid cunt in that topic, whatever it was.

I was always scared to come in as I thought it was really rough down here.

:: sigh ::: I miss all the funny stuff. It’s gonna take a long time to catch up on all this good hummor.

Lynn, why didn’t you let me know about this? We have been friends for a long time and you never told me what a hoot this place was.

And why are all the ‘dirty’ words said with such smiles?

I don’t get it… ::: sigh ::; I never do…

Actually I rather sympathize with Major --not so much over the particular thread but having had the misfortune of running into peace in a thread or two. I can say I was sorely tempted at many points to open just such a thread. Only the desire not to open a pit thread prevented me.
However, now that I’ve got the opp. I can only say that peace’s hypocritical and empty criticism (*see below) of Major’s the lack of citation is laughable given his distortions, baseless assertions, prissy false accusations and childish whinging in the Eugenics thread.

As far as I’m concerned he’s a whiney misbegotten cretin challenged by an overwhelming and completely unreasonable endowement of utterly un-self-conscious hypocrisy maintained through either stupidity or pure idiocy. His nasty little attempts at running around the mods and slipping in sly yet moronic and baseless insults reveal an impoverished and shrivelled personality desperately in need of hours electroshock therapy. He is, in short, a stupid hypocritical crybaby and idjit who should fuck off.

Wheew. That feels better. Very well, back to productive things.

(the relevant criticism: Peace wrote “If I state the the Earth is spherical, most people trust my word. But if you cite any specific number, in an exotic area (unlike 55mph speed limit) and somebody politely asks a ref, please oblidge. This MB ain’t a scientific peer review journal. You can still publish here whatever you want (mods permitting), but who will believe you?” )

Sorry, Gus, but I figured that your delicate sensibilities just couldn’t handle the occasional f-word. But now that you’re here, take off your coat…and your gloves.

Yeah, peace was pretty nasty alright. There were definitely more polite and more appropriate ways in GQ to point out that Major Feelgud apparently pulled a number out of his ass and expected everyone to believe it.

(Hey, Major–I don’t know how to tell you this, but if you can’t back that number up (22 pounds per square inch to crush a human testicle was the contention–isn’t everybody glad I mentioned it?) then peace wins this skirmish by default.)

“trust me; you don’t wanna know” is not a valid response to “how do you know this information, and how do you define ‘crush’?”

Honestly, it does sound…well…not arrogant per se, but at least flippant.


The rant you gave in the OP (if one were so inclined as to bend definitions to the point where its head gets stuck in its ass) gives no information at all. Go fuck yourself and die? C’mon, I’ve heard worse from six year olds.
Also, considering you refuse to provide links to peace’s bastard posts, the ONLY piece of infomation I have available to me (aside from searching the entire SDMB which I ain’t doing) is the testicle thread.
So I read the thread. Talk about an overreaction. Arrogant? Wow, I’m shitting in my pants that’s such a horrible insult.

Not that you’re reading this anyway, but your response was just a tad over the top. I for one don’t really give a shit if he made up the number or not. No friggin way I’m testing it, and I think I’ll give Major the benefit of the doubt that I really do not want to know how he knows. Besides, as wimpy as your insult was, it was still an insult. You started the confrontation and helped ensure that it wouldn’t die. All over a piece of information no one will ever need to know about, and most people don’t really want to know about.
Now, would both of you kindly put your dicks away before I take two bricks out and determine the veracity of Major’s statement on both of you?

[Lurch] YOU RANG? [/Lurch]

Felt like a good rant. The subject was promising. This judge says: “Not enough meat to it.” :frowning:

Enderw23 gets an honourary bonus point for the “measuring” reference. :wink: