Know ignorance, Know peace

In this thread, peace is up to his(?) usual shenanigans of making unfounded claims and downright erroneous statements. I didn’t want to mess up Manny and Chronos’ forum anymore so here it is. Bolded statements inside quotes are mine, unbolded are peace’s responses.

I worked for several different establishments. The pay ranged from $5.50 to $9.00 /hr, not that it is germane to this discussion.

As jb farley said, I was referring to liquor. As Chronos said, proof may not be a “chemical” term, but it is precisely defined. Nice attempt at a Straw Man though.

I don’t care if its not sold in your state. I don’t even know where you came up with the 190 proof statement. The post you were referring to was talking about 80 proof brandy and you respond by saying “It’s hard to come by 190 proof ethanol”, how the fuck does that make any sense?

So why the fuck did you bring it up?? What does it’s structural formula have to do with anything??? Christ!!! See the paragraph below.

Obviously, you singed your brain. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I come away from your every post going “huh?” and whenever someone challenges you, I get the feeling you hurriedly search the 'net for mounds of information on peripherally related subjects to increase the confusion factor.

** NO!!!** We are talking about how to light Spanish Coffee!!!

peace, I am glad you came to this board because you obviously have a tremendous amount of ignorance to eradicate, but maybe you should just read posts for a while instead of trying to answer. Giving incorrect information isn’t doing any good, and the fact that you are constantly trying to defend your mistakes isn’t teaching you anything.


you asked in the other thread, in response to manhattan’s statement, “where have I posted bad advice?” The answer is: right up above in the very same thread. Duck Duck Goose called you on it.

Here’s the scenario, follow with me please.
OP asks how to make a drink that flames.
You respond that you think it would flame at 70% and above.
Another poster responds that his mother could get 80 proof to light. Where did you get your figures from?
You say it comes from experimentation. Now, here’s where it gets important. Pay attention. this is your response:

Note from your response two things:

  1. It did not, anywhere in that, state that you experimented with 80 proof alcohol. You did not refute his claim!
  2. Until this point, the discussion involved drinking alcohol. You advocated, right above, for putting isopropyl alcohol in a cake as an experiment. I don’t care if you “knew” later on the ill effects of rubbing alcohol. Right here you said to put it in a cake and you can light that cake on fire. You can also go permanently blind if you carve off a slice and consume it. That’s of course assuming you can bake with rubbing alcohol. I’ve never really tried, have you?

you respond by saying "It’s hard to come by 190 proof ethanol
Do I have to put a disclaimer next to each statement? You said you were a pro mixologist. Not a lawyer. “Where I have lived, In 1950-2000, in usual places of commerce, ‘it’s hard to come by 190 proof ethanol’ “. Is that how it should have been phrased? MadPoet asked two questions, I did not have the answer to his question about the Spanish coffee. I knew something about his other question,
Or any other drinks that you get to burn while mixing?
And tried to answer it. MadPoet did not say “Only professional mixologists have to answer”. He even did not limit his question to mixed drinks: he said “any other drinks”. “Mixologist” in my dictionary (MWED on line) is defined as ‘the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks’. You volunteered the info, you did not accompany it with a disclaimer ‘my info is only about mixed drinks’. What do you rant against?

What does it’s structural formula have to do with anything???
Nothing. And I did not draw it. Got it? I did not. You could rant, if I did. But I did not.

Obviously, you singed your brain.
I do not think so, but to make you happy, I wouldn’t argue.

** You don’t know what you’re talking about. I come away from your every post going “huh?” and whenever someone challenges you, I get the feeling you hurriedly search the 'net for mounds of information on peripherally related subjects to increase the confusion factor.**
This info (about my drinking) is not on the net (yet). I said that I did it. You may believe it or not. It is a free country and this is free MB.

peace, I am glad you came to this board because you obviously have a tremendous amount of ignorance to eradicate, but maybe you should just read posts for a while instead of trying to answer
Actually, you can check the SDMB: I do not answer 99% or more, I even do not read all threads.

Giving incorrect information isn’t doing any good, and the fact that you are constantly trying to defend your mistakes isn’t teaching you anything.
I agree. I try to give correct info. Sometimes I goof (I am human). Then I try to correct the mistake, like I tried to do with isopropanol; I have not wanted anyone to drink it. If I really goof, like in facts or numbers, I always acknowledge it. Like I just realized, that ‘70% isopropanol’ was not precise. According to SMD, it is sold as ‘68-72%w/v mixture with water’. Sorry for any confusion it might’ve brought.

I asked you about your salary tongue-in-cheek, I did it not because I really wanted to know. The term “mixologist” struck me as another aggrandizement example (please, be reasonable and do NOT take it personally). It was invented in 1948. Plain bartender was OK till then. Latin root ‘mix’ means ‘to mix’. Yet ‘to mix properly’ is ‘tempero’. I guess, they did not want to say “temperologist” to avoid allusion to ‘temperance’. Just a guess. Perhaps, you have a better explanation. I would be happy to fight that piece of ignorance inside me.
Finally, I asked Duck a question. I asked him, because he talked about Spanish coffee. But anyone, who knows, may answer, of course: what about pouring alcohol (or whatever is used) into hot coffee? Should it be done very carefully, to avoid mixing?

Happy Holidays!



lemmie ask you a question. I’m asking in all seriousness, here. Is English your native language?

I can’t really tell. My vote is for yes. But for some strange reason I get the feeling that you type up a full response and then have a computer program randomly take out 20% of the words.

Well, heck, now that you ask, I’m curious, too, but in a nice way. Hey, Peace, where you from, boy? :smiley:

(turn this into a MPSIMS thread… :rolleyes: )

peace Even in defending yourself, you give out more bad info. You said above

. The term mixologist is in print from 1856. I can give the cite should you desire. Why you thought it was “invented” in 1948 is unfathomable.

But, then, unfathomable applies to many of your assertions. You have a great peripheral knowledge–now it’s time to work on your depth.

Peace refuses to state exactly where he is from. He says that English is not his first language, yet his grammatical errors show no pattern whatsoever, and certainly don’t fit with any language group I can think of. He has several times made a blatant grammatical error in exactly the same context that he managed to utilise perfectly well the previous day. He has stated that he knows how to use MS-Word as a spell checker for his posts, yet consistently refuses to do so. His vocabulary seems at to be at about 8th grade level, yet he will spell a word correctly several times, then forget how to spell it repeatedly in one post.
It has been noted by several other posters that his capacity to write plain English appears to change from post to post with no apparent pattern. If you remember him from when he first started posting his English was significantly better than it is now.
Peace has on several occasions stated that various things were illegal or not-for-sale in his state. It seems to be his universal cop-out. My favourite was when someone asked whether he was in fact an MD as he had suggested. His response, which he had given to several others who had asked the same question, was
“It doesn’t matter, I’m not registered in your state”. This would be acceptable perhaps if he had bothered to check the posters profile. I found out later she lives here in Australia. Of course Peace has made it quite clear in several places that he is an American resident. Added to this doctors aren’t registered by state authorities in Australia.
I suspect some form of mental illness in the man.
I know that the sad truth is peace sails under a flag of convenience.

er… Gaspode, in your profile, you mention clubbing as an interest. Above, you seem to have done quite well as a clubologist.

Note to self…

Weeeell, it is The Pit dewt.
Now where dem baby seals at, huh?

Gaspode, you hit the nail on the motherfucking head. What I don’t get is how he’ll spell a word, and then misspell that same wurd in a very next clause. Peace’ll also quote a word or phrase someone else used, but completely mangle it in the transition from their post to his.

The quotes, I have no idea, although he’s used them a lot less frequently lately.

as to the “It doesn’t matter, I’m not registered in your state”, that’s just a gimmee. Of course he’s not a doctor in my state, or your state, or any principality, territory, province, unmanned oil rig, planet, etc.

All we’ve really been able to gather is that he has done some top secret research in the past for an unnamed government, quite possibly in the field of drinking. Evidence? His constant assumption that other posters are drunk, the above spelling/grammar points, his expertise in the area of isopropyl pastries, and this OP.

Oh, and that he’s a FUCKWIT.


p.s.- you happy now, loser?

p.p.s.- look to MPSIMS in the near future for further developments

Sigh. Some advice, altho you may not care.

peace - there obviously is not a meeting of the minds here on the Board between you and most others. While this may not be all your fault, of course, it is your problem now.

If you are a serious person, please think a bit before you post. Otherwise, any good advice you have to give will be ignored, or derided, and your otherwise good points will be lost.


First things first: thank you, Una, I will try.
BTW, is the line below your name supposed to carry a message? If so, what is it? There is no verb(s), with my ESL I am not sure how “Una” and the line following it are related. In “Biography” it says that you are an engineer/consultant interested in ‘lesbian issues’. What are ‘lesbian issues’? I am a straight man, I do not know. Or do you mean to say that you do some research in lesbianism?

Please, keep in mind: there are some things that relate to my ESL thingy and some (most) which stem from my personality. I may misspell words because ESL or for any reason native English speakers misspell. I do use a spellchecker most of the time, but, Gaspode: it has “Ignore” button. The SC always highlights your name, for instance, I click ‘Ignore’ (because I know how partial you are to your handle), and then I automatically click ‘Ignore’ for the next highlighted word before I can even think about it.
I tend to skip words, in any language: I type much slower than I think.

I’ll try to improve my communications skills. I really appreciate your friendly criticism, guys. OTOH, I notice many funny things on this MB, I cannot always tell whether mistakes are made because the speakers are ESL or not. But nobody else gets so much ranting. Let’s say that is because I am the best.
I envy you guys, in a way: I often laugh when I read my own posts and see my goofs. I realize that you see more than I do and get more laughs.

Gaspode, Arguments from authority carry little weight (in science there are no “authorities”).
Carl Sagan said that. I could have claimed in my “Registry” that I have the following credentials…XYZ. Would it make my arguments stronger? When you say something, I evaluate it based on its meaning, my knowledge of the subject, etc. I do not care whether your state authorized you to say it and whether my state validated it. Less so, considering what this MB is: a tabula rasa with no restrictions to post. Once you advised me on a PC issue. I took your advice after licensed compunerds’ could not tell me how to handle the issue. I took yours because of one thing only: it worked. I did not look for your credentials. Once I did not believe that you “saw” ophthalmic nerves in the human accessory sinuses. I did not ask you for your credentials, I asked you for the proof.
And if something is not sold where I live, it is not my fault. Personally, I think that any prohibition is humiliating for the denizens, each should decide what to buy, what to read, etc., but I can’t change the law. If I say that something is not sold here, you can only believe me or disregard the whole fucking thing.



Ref your comments on Una,

Just think about it a little.

At least you gave me a smirk but really you might need to get out a little.

Una Persson, of course, is my pseudonym.

My sig refers to a “joke” organization we formed on the Board, called the “Unholy Lesbian Vampire Army of the Night”. Since I created it, I am the “Dark Queen”, and andygirl was chosen to be the Dark Princess.

I am a lesbian. Thus my note in my profile of being interested in “lesbian issues”. I am also an engineer/consultant. I do research on power plants and energy systems as a career, and research on lesbians for fun and enjoyment. :wink:

The words just run together in my biography, and that is probably what is confusing to you.

Nicely reasoned comeback, Peace, but, sweetie, I can’t help noticing that you still didn’t answer the question. Don’t be shy, now! :smiley:

I’m going to take a wild guess and say “India”. Am I right? Do I win a prize?

Mix, as far as I know, is not a ‘root’. The word (mix) and its derivatives come from the Latin mixtus. As for tempero meaning ‘to mix properly’, this is at best partly correct. tempero is the first person singular of the present indicative; the infinitive form is temperare. And while temperare does mean ‘to mix properly’, I believe that this is to be taken in the figurative sense – I must confess that I do not know what would be the correct Latin word in the ‘physical’ sense (i.e. correct dosage).

Jesus Christ, peace, people just want a simple answer to a simple question, and you skirt all around the issue. Let me try to put it bluntly: where are you from? Where do you currently reside? What is your occupation/area of expertise?
Are you so paranoid that you think we’re actually gonna look you up and come by to lynch you/put microchips in your head? Trust me, nobody cares that much. People are only asking these things because you keep making assertions and offering some kind of vague background information to back them up. Here, I’ll show you how it’s done:
I am an American. I currently live in Oakland, CA. I’m a retail store manager (a bookstore, to be more specific). I don’t have a degree, but was trained (by the military) to be an electronics technician.I’m a straight male who lives with his girlfriend, too, if you care about such things.
See how easy that is. Now shit or get off the pot. Don’t reply to me unless you’re going to answer these questions concretely. Is that clear enough?

Peace, how do you reasion that someone who has credentials to give a professional opinon on a subject is only worth as much as its meaning, your knowlage of the subject, and etc? Does that mean at an opinon of someone who is a professional in a subject you have absolutely no knowlage of is automatically wrong sense you have no knowlage of that subject? Or how about the opinon of a professional in a subject that you have just enough knowlage of to be dangerous (we’ve seen a few of those subjects) For god’s sake if someone has spent the time to gain credentials XY and Z I am going to believe him or her much sooner than yourself with no credentials. Also, those same professionals seem to be much more able to provide cites to backup their arguement that are more solid than yours.

Peace, if your opinon is contary to those of a professional in a particular subject, I’d recommend to reconsider your opinon. I’d put money on you being wrong.

You see, Casdave, thinking helps, but not always. I knew nothing about the Unholy Army. No amount of thinking would have brought me this knowledge.
I do not care who Una is: first of all, it’s a MB. I do not know if she is a lesbian or plays one here. If she were a real person (not ‘una persson’) and I’d like her to the point of taking her to my bed, her lesbianism would have been a problem. But here I only interested to know about her thoughts. If she is doing any research in life, including lesbian’s lifestyle or the causes of lesbianism, I commend it: I like inquisitive people and always have thought that research beats not only drugs and loitering, but TV watching as well.
I have a confession to make: I suspected that she was a “lesbian” (in “ ” because it’s a MB!), but I was afraid to ask: some people are soooo sensitive!
Anyway, one day I may ask her a few questions about lesbianism.

About myself: as I said many times, credentials do not matter; here they become totally irrelevant. The reason I do not want to disclose personal details is that my hyperactive kids know that I spend a lot of time on the Net and I do not want them “to figure me out”. My accent and my country are enough. So, I would not mind if they knew that their dad is discussing races or ethanol, but sometimes I ask about clitoral erection or explain details of oral sex to Morris…
So, Bird, I appreciate the straightforwardness, but…maybe later, when circumstances change…I respect you, please respect me.

Omni, I learned Latin many years ago, remember that it got incredibly complicated grammar, Gerundivum and Gerundius (sp) and is very expressive. I got interested in ‘mixology’ because I could not understand what was wrong with old ‘bartender’ and why ‘mixologist’ was invented. To me, it was almost like calling a grease monkey a lipidologist or mutolipidist. So, I went on line and I pick up ‘tempero/temperare’. One of the dictionaries gave 1948. I guess the reason is the same they switched from stewards to flight attendants and from bank tellers to account executives: professional esteem, union politicking, etc.


Kinoons, you stretched my words. I’ll explain:
Once I asked a question here about my home thermostat. In 2 hours I knew more than I ever wanted to know about thermostats. I believed every word of it and watched ‘experts’ squabble. But if I decided to do something in my house, I’d invited a warm-bodied pro.
If somebody tells me things about something I know, I ask for refs. Credentials do not work for me. Perhaps, they work for you. By all means, use Milk Thistle, but not because I said so. I may be a real M.D., but I may play one here. How the fuck are you going to check me? So, please: take my advice and do your own research before putting anything into your mouth. I may use your computer advice, but to a certain extend.
A few day ago I did something suggested on a M$ web page. I followed all commands, at some point the prompt said: “cannot find the files. A/R/F?” I decided to quit, but could not. Arguably, there is no better authority on SW than M$. Yet my teenage neighbor fixed the PC broken because of M$ advice. Just an example of ‘authorities’ prestige. And I am sure, it was a genuine M$ page. Not like any ‘credentials’ here.