Pearls Before Swine

This game has gotten me | | close to throwing my laptop out the window. I can’t beat the fucker and he sits there and laughs at me damnit.

I’m shocked and…


Ha I got it. Fuck you weird guy that laughs at me!

It’s taking a long while to download

Done. That was easy, then again, I already knew the game.

To beat it:

Take two off the row with three, then always leave him with either a consecutive number of balls (3-2-1) or alternately, leave him with just two rows that have the same number (3-3,2-2). It should all be downhill from there

Great bar game. There is only one way to win if you go first. Any other way the guy who goes second wins.

I read the spoilered cheat, and I still can’t beat this game. I am mocked by the cartoon man. I am ashamed.