Unbelievably difficult game: Just click the blue button.

It’s much harder than it looks.

I pretty much suck. Maybe you can do better than I did.

No sooner did I say that I sucked than I beat it. Too bad it took me a half-hour to do it.

Beat it first time (took a screen shot just in case…)

Great. Make me look like a chump.

I particularly got hung up on the last two. The next to last one is basically just a luck thing. I couldn’t discern any pattern at all.

I beat it my third try. Was fun.

How do you know if you won or lost? I just played it, and went through a few levels of clicking the blue ball and not the red or orange, and it didn’t say I lost. Does that mean I finished?

It’ll tell you if you won or not. Did you hit any checkpoints?

Checkpoints? I went through a bunch of different levels, and then all of a sudden I was back at the beginning. It never told me I had clicked on one of the balls I shouldn’t have.

It doesn’t tell you. It just starts you over at the last checkpoint you reached, or at the beginning if you didn’t get to a chackpoint.

You aren’t doing so well. I told you it was tough. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Apparently I suck at this.

Also won first try. It’s not an exceptionally difficult game.

I beat it. Took a couple tries, but beat it within 4 minutes of opening this thread.

Now, if only you can beat “War of Sand”!

Third try too. Not a bad way to amuse myself for a few minutes!

I won in about 5 minutes, though I had to restart at a couple checkpoints a few times.

Won on the second try. Pretty cool though.

Yup…about 5 minutes here too. Was fun!

It’s really easy if you use a laptop with a touchpad, since there’s no chance of wobbly mouse syndrome. You just leave the pointer where the blue ball appears and time your click.

Sweet, I won! I never win these kinda thigs!

I beat it drunk. Do I get a cookie?

Great, and I’d just got over my addiction to Kitty Cannon. Thanks a lot. :smiley: