Pears, comice in particular

When I was a kid, I liked fruit and wasn’t fussy except when it came to pears. Probably because the ones my mom got just weren’t ripe. I use to hate to see one in my lunch box.

I’ve been buying some comice pears lately and they are pretty damn good. But… I guess I got lucky one week and bought ones that were perfectly ripe. Holy moly, those things were absolute heaven! I want more!!

Which brings me to my question. How do I make sure I get ripe ones in the future, or if they aren’t ripe, can I do something to let them ripen at home? I’m generally just a throw-the-groceries-in-the-fridge kinda guy. Should I let them stay on the counter until they are soft to the touch?

Also, let’s sing the praises of beautifully ripe pears. Truly the fruit of the gods!

What you need is a fruit ripening bowl. I have the one being sold here. I find that it works perfectly for me to get my fruit to exactly the right level of ripeness. Comice pears are also my favorites. I purchased two today that are just a tiny bit too hard, and they are going into the bowl until they are ready. I generally check them twice a day, and put them into the refrigerator once they are ripe (if I don’t eat them immediately).

I eat one a day, I have seven in advance that ripen whilst I’m eating the previous seven. During the warmest weather, I might bump it down to five, and put them in the fridge earlier.