pedestrian newb questions.

First, what is the protocol for responding to threads that have fallen off? In other words, how do you (easily) keep up with dropped threads and how long is too long to revive them?

Second, what does “pwned” mean?

The specific rules vary by forum, but in general, you shouldn’t go about responding to threads that have been dormant for more than three months.

Of course, you may want to wait for a response from an actual moderator to see the actual rules.

“pwned” is netspeak for “owned”. Presumably it arose due to a common typo.


I thought it was Welsh for “pooned”! :smack:

Welcome to the SDMB. Enjoy the stay.
Just so you know, pwned is usually not used at the SDMB.
The 3 month rules is posted in some of the various forums stickies. The exception is generally in Cafe threads that had no animosity in them.
Some Forums has slightly different rules. The stickies are worth reading.
Link to available VB codes:
The stickies here in the ATMB forum are the best to read.


As a moderator in General Questions, although speaking for myself, you’re welcome to revive a thread there at any time IF your reason is to provide new information. Making a simple comment would be unacceptable.

samclem moderator in GQ

Thanks all.
Ironically, these boards are the only place I’ve seen “pwned”, go figure…

Also thanks samclem for the official version.

It’s used all over teh intarwebs, but here it is used (almost always) ironically.

Oh, that, too.

It’s all in the context.

If you must know:

Ok, time to bust my own newb cherry… um, what’s going on?

I though Qadgop was being funny, now rayh (from North Wales!) shows us it is welsh… huh?

Oh, and Doc what happens when you get “pooned”?

Whooshed? Clueless?
Hypothetical guy

You are being whooshed, just a bit.

Qadgop was making a joke about it being Welsh, I decided to push the joke a bit further. I didn’t know pwn was actually a Welsh word till I looked it up. Don’t worry, some of us just have a weird sense of humour. :smiley:

To be “owned” is a gamer term: to be humiliatingly bested by an opponent. Some people try to apply it to debate. Not considered classy enough on this board, though.

A skate-punk courier teenage girl with a sassy attitude and more gadgets than Batman latches onto your car with a magnetic grapnel in order to catch a free ride. Don’t try to shake her; it’s not worth the hassle.

I always thought it was a typo of “pawned”. As in [Chess] defeated by somebody or something that should be well inferior to you.

Eh, I think I’ll start using “pawned”, anyway.