Ladies (and I guess some guys, if you’re into this sort of thing), how often do you get a pedicure? Is it always at the salon, or do you do it at home?

I go to the salon at least once every two weeks. The times I don’t go there, I usually do it at home. There’s a Dead Sea lotion that my older sister recommended to me, and it works WONDERS. My boyfriend wasn’t big on giving me foot rubs before, but since I’ve been using it for the past year or so, he can’t keep his hands off. I’m starting to wonder if he has a foot fetish…

My best friend, strangely enough, never goes to the salon, and doesn’t even give herself a pedicure. I could never understand that.

And how often do you think a woman should get a pedicure? (probably gonna get a lot of responses from the guys on this one).

I go about once a month (in fact, I’ll be going later today.) I grab my Kindle and enjoy a nice foot pampering for not a lot of money. I also get my brows threaded.

I live in Florida, so having pretty toes in sandals is almost a must.

I don’t normally get manicures unless it’s for a special occasion. Pedicures last longer for me than manicures, so I usually can’t justify the cost.

I think if you can afford it, every 2 weeks is not entirely excessive. I think most people go once a month (or every 4 weeks).

I do my own - just the nails and not really any foot care. I do it about once a month. My polish always seems to be great and last without chipping, but after a month my nails have grown enough to need cutting, and to make the polish look bad.

I’ve gotten a few salon pedicures before and they are awesome, but since I have the time and the tools to do it at home, I really can’t justify the cost for me. I have plenty of friends who get them done regularly, though.

Pedicures for me sometimes don’t last too long. Especially in the summertime, when I wear nothing but flip flops and sandals. The bottoms of my feet tend to get hard and callused really quickly unless I lotion them up or go to the salon. The fancy hard-soled leather sandals (which I absolutely LOVE) are the ones that wreck my piggies the most.

My wife and I get pedi’s every 2 months or so.

I clip my toenails, but don’t polish them. Does that count? I wear open-toed shoes every day.

About every three weeks in the summer, but I do sand my heels just about every time I get out of the shower. In the winter, every couple of months. It’s harder in the winter because I can’t go around in flipflips when it’s cold and I hate waiting for the polish to dry before I can put m boots back on. Although really the polish isn’t the point, in the winter.

A couple times a year at a salon - more often in Winter for me - Minnesota Winters are tough on all skin, but my heels get especially callused in Winter. I polish and trim at home more often.

I bought one of those pedicure things that power sands your feet, that helps a lot.

I do get my nails done every three weeks with dip polish which is amazing.

I get pedicures occasionally (2 -3 times a year maybe). I do like them a lot and it’s nice to not have talons growing at the end of my toes.

Well, since you ask so nicely, I think that if a woman’s toenails are so long, sharp, and ragged that she manages to cut a gash in me with them somehow, she should probably get them trimmed or something, maybe.

For myself I just clip my toenails myself now and then. Probably a bit less often than I should, honestly.

I am barefoot or flipflopped year round. I do salon several times a year. I do home maintenance between times. I always have polish on my toe nails. Fingers? meh. My hands are always in messy stuff, so cleanliness is all I shoot for if I go in public.

I had one done once and I hated it. I just clip my own nails when they need it. I’m rarely barefoot anyway.

I go every month. I wear sandals as much and as long as I can, so polished toes are a must (for me). I go to a down-home, unfancy, neighborhood salon, the kind where little old ladies (older than me, even!) go once a week to get their their hairdos rolled and sprayed. I don’t get my hair done there–just my toes.

I’ve had one professional pedicure in my life and really wasn’t that thrilled with it. I don’t like people touching my feet so that’s that! And it’s expensive - I can do it at home MUCH cheaper.

In the summer I’m always in flip-flops or sandals unless I’m walking the dogs. So I always have nail polish on my toenails. I usually have to redo them every 2-3 weeks. Usually, because my nails have grown - the polish is usually still in good shape but I’m ready for a color change anyway. I use Avon’s Intensive Callus Cream on my feet a couple of times a week before bed. That has worked amazingly well. I don’t have to grate and grind my heels anymore.

The rest of the year is pretty low maintenance. I use the callus cream occasionally and of course, cut my nails but that’s it. No polish until usually mid-April.

I know a guy whose wife insisted that he get a pedicure to correct some issues of unsightliness. I will take their word for how that went. The typical man’s pedicure, I would think, is somewhat of a different service than a woman’s pedicure.

It’s not uncommon for men of means and probably a lot of male models, etc. to get pedicures and manicures.

I wouldn’t think so. I’d say the only difference is that a man’s pedicure would end with a clear coat of nail polish while a woman’s would end with a nail color.

I’m a guy and I get one a couple times a year. If I was richer I’d probably do it a lot more. Great way to unwind.

Why would it involve polish? :confused: Woman’s pedicures normally get nails polished as well as the pedicure itself but it’s not a requirement.

The closest I get to having a pedi is a footbath involving exfoliating cream. Walking on the sand has a similar effect.

No need for a :confused: A pedicure - for a man or woman - doesn’t NEED to involve polish but you can’t tell me that typically it doesn’t involve polish.

Perhaps it’s different in Spain?

I think I’ve had two pedicures in my life. Pleasant enough and far preferable to having to do it myself, but not preferable * enough * to expend the money or the time. I wear open toed shoes just about every day so I have to do something to keep my feet from looking scary, but I do the least I can get away with. Maybe if I had pretty feet I’d be more inclined but at this point it’d be like putting lipstick on a pig :o I do admire ladies with pretty, pedicured feet. I was getting a message the other day and the therapist had the loveliest toes.