Pee play: how common (also urophilia, undinism, golden shower and watersports) is a form of salirophilia (which is a form of paraphilia) in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination.

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Personal feelings: Yuck!

However it’s harmless as far as I know, so if people want to indulge in it then it’s not my business as long as they don’t do it with me.

<scratches Der Trihs off potential sex partner list>


I’m not interested but I don’t think it’s the most disgusting thing ever. Not nearly on the same level as scat play.

I find it completely un-erotic but not gross at all, actually, hilarious. I’ve tried it both ways just for fun/to indulge my partner. Probably will again.

I chose Other.

Only whenever I am in Leaffan’s shower.

I am not interested at all. However just because I don’t like it means it’s repulsive. So I went other.

Laughed so hard I nearly pee’d myself.:smiley:

<offers PlainJain masturbation fodder>

I went with repulsive, but obviously it’s fine if other people want to do that without involving me. I’ll go on the same list as Der. :smiley:

But for, nope, never going to happen. Pee stinks. It stinks of pee. And it seems wildly impractical, don’t you end up with piss-soaked everything? That’s just something I avoid in life. On top of that it just doesn’t appeal, it’s not a sexual thing to me. But the smell and the impracticality make it repulsive on top of it just not being my thing.

The reason I ask is well, you can find anything on the internet, and this fetish certainly has its share of videos and pictures. I have never tried any of it.

I’m not sure what to make of it. I’ll be honest, it does seem somewhat taboo and perhaps that’s why there’s an appeal to me.

Scat would be right out. But pee? Interesting…

Patton Oswalt had some thoughts on the matter

I could maybe imagine trying it in the shower, which would avoid most of the downsides that gracer mentions. As long as we can resolve the cleanliness issue, then that would eliminate most of my reservations about trying it out. I’m going to sleep after sex; doing laundry and mopping up are not on my list of options.

It’s something I’d only be doing for the sake of a partner, though. I have a pretty high tolerance for “gross” and feel like sex in a long-term relationship is almost inevitably going to involve occasionally doing things that aren’t really your thing.

Urine for some fun now!

I know when we were little kids, long before we knew about sex, pee play was not unusual. One kid brought his sister to our club house and we all pissed on her. We did however know that it was wrong and something we could get in trouble for. I know some guys who are into s&m who use pee play as a control method and also as a humiliation tool. My buddy discusses peeing up the rectum of his girl and making her hold it. Or peeing in her face while she is on her knees.

Furthest I ever take it is pee on my girl friends feet while we are in the shower and she is shampooing her hair. I like to hear her scream when she catches me.

Depends, was someone stung by a jellyfish?

On a scale of one to ten…you’re an eight.

Yep, add me to the “I think it’s repulsive but hey, whatever you want to do with any adult other than me (and preferably not in my house, thanks!)” crowd.

I’d put this up as one of the things that is moderately arousing to me from time to time in the right visual circumstance (I haven’t seen any in a long time now, but I have seen a number of pornos that depict it and it was kinda hot), but also as one of the things that would never appeal to me in real life.

There are a lot of things I think are sexually arousing if I read a description of it, see it in porn, or in art, etc, but that would be a complete turn off if it actually happened in real life involving me, and that’s one of them. I have no interest in being a part of it.

I’ve known plenty of people into it. In fact my partner had done it before we met (he did EVERYTHING), so if I ever feel the urge I’m sure he’d comply. But not so far.