Ladies, how do you feel about The Wiz?

Girls, and interested male parties, I’m curious about opinions and rationales for a sexual concept.

I would imagine anyone who’s been exposed to any porn in the last year or two both online and in print would realize that Golden Showers/Women pissing have started to edge into the mainstream. Now, men I understand. I personally am indifferent to the whole scene, the way I see it is this, a naked woman, urinating or not is a good thing. The point being however, that chicks pissing has a sexual energy and is a fascination for some guys.

The question is regarding women and the practice. Now women certainly aren’t as interested in raw male anaotomy as we are it seems. Certainly there are exceptions but I think we can agree that women generally don’t go apeshit at the sight of a lovely johnson. A guy pissing seems to lend itself to a more clear sexualization than does a woman. Given that, why haven’t we seen or heard of women having a fetish for watching men piss and such? Is this a curiousity for women, and would many women here be eager to catch a glimpse of the act? Why or why not?

I don’t want to see piss coming out of something that I may put into my mouth. I’d rather forget about that. :slight_smile:

Eeew. No.

I can’t understand either. Neither does anything for me.

ICK! Of all the things that get me in the mood, this AIN’T even close to a turn-on. I don’t even have intellectual curiosity.

Is it all the old-fashioned to think that some things do NOT need to be shared?

ick ick ick

Male opinion, here.

It’s disgusting!!!

Thank you for asking.

I get it…
Urine good form today! (Sorry, just making a wee bit of fun.) You’re a wiz at this pun stuff. Quite the piss-tol.

After what I’ve read about Oldscratch in the TMI thread, if it does nothing for him it sure as hell wouldn’t do anything for me :wink:


spritle, I was curious how long that’d manage to go unspoiled. Not long I see, dopers are so smart.

OK, if “ick ick, eww” is the all we’re going to get than how about this. Why the hell do men not mind seeing it? To be honest oral sex on a woman is likely going to invlove more contact with the stuff. Really, we bury ourselves there and you girls need to wipe to clean things up. Guys however can’t piss during oral sex, generally, and your mouth mainly touches skin that never even gets damp from the stuff.

Now I find the idea of getting pissed in the face really repulsive too, but I still don’t mind seeing it. Visualization doesn’t necessarily lead me to picture my mouth there immediately. So why is it so reactive to women? Are women just prudes about penises in general? I find that tough to accept.

Woohoo. Another follower. Hey, odie, wanna be one of my minions? I’m trying to gather some up for use later.

i think what it basically comes down to is that everyone goes through a stage when we’re obsessed with our own excrement. most of us grow out of it by the time we’re 5 years old, but apparently some don’t.

that being said, i’d just like to add an ewwwww. :wink:

I don’t wanna know WHY people find this exciting…

I’m pretty sure I’m not a prude about penii, but I have no interest in people’s pee. Or other things that come out of the body. Ew.

Male point of view: I don’t want to see urine exiting anyones urethra. Golden showers, puking and the more extreme scat are not in my agenda. I agree with the outcry of Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww.

I always understood golden showers (hence the shower part) to be actually peeing on someone, not just watching someone pee.
Either way, yuk. And Eewww.

When I was still with my ex, she liked to hold it and aim for me when I peed.

I thought it was rather silly, myself. T’was also a little hard to get the flow started with someone else watching :slight_smile:

Hard to believe, but a group of guys and myself were talking about this weird phenominon not three weeks ago. Sadly, before we could agree on a conclusion, two of us had to leave to perform mass (true).

Basically the conclusion we reached we that nobody’s really turned on by this practice, and it’s included exclusivly for shock value, not unlike the “saliva-trail” phenominon you used to see in magazines (er, thats what I’m told anyway).

Another thing might be that the magazine/video producers might be teating the (warm, yellow) legal waters to see how far they can go.

Delta-9, my current girlfriend is like that! Yeah, it’s hard to start the flow, but you get used to it. Inky- at the risk of sounding like I GUESS THE ONLY PERVERT ON THE BOARD, yes, it is possible to get turned on by this practice.

Pray for my soul… :o


I agree with scratch1300. I think you and your friends were being way too dismissive. One of my past girlfriends was definitely turned on by golden shower games (and many other offbeat things as well). It was all the same to me—neither a turn-on nor a turn-off, so I went along with it. It wasn’t a constant thing; it was more like something she enjoyed as a change-up in the routine. But it definitely aroused her when we did it. And a couple other past girlfriends expressed varying degrees of interest in (or curiosity about) that sort of thing at one time or another.

As for my ex-wife, we never incorporated golden shower games in our sex per se, but whenever she caught me urinating in the bathroom she liked to watch and even direct the stream.

I have little or no interest in the practice of golden showers myself, or in porn that is oriented that way. Nonetheless, based on my own experiences, I think there’s more to it than mere shock value for some folks.

I just wanted to put in my two cents, given the mostly one-sided nature of the responses here.

The singing and the dancing were okay, but Diana Ross as Dorothy? Puh-leeze! Michael Jackson dancing around as the scarecrow seems to appropriate…

Oh, you mean a different kind of Wiz?

Never mind