Does anyone else hate this word? I cannot stand to hear adults say “I have to pee” or some variation. It absolutely repulses me, especially when adult men say it. I think of this word as something a little kid would say. Adults saying this seems to have grown in popularity.

I do not hate the word. I never hear it. With whom do you associate that finds it necessary to broadcast their personal elimination requirements? Do they also tell you when they need to take a dump? Get a classier level of friends!

Eh. It gets used at home. I don’t think I ever phrase it that way it in public. I’m not sure how much it would bother me to hear someone else say it.

Doesn’t sound as stupid as “potty.”

The alternative “urinate” is a bit much for everyday conversation.

I’d answer, but I need a piss first…

No, it isn’t. That’s what I say.

I’d go with “micturate”. Which still has “ur-” in it, but it’s camouflaged, so no one will know what you’re talking about.

“Pardon me for a second, my dear fellow, while I go micturate at this here side of the road.”

Do you have to remove the stick from your ass before you go?

I kid, I kid. :wink: I’m not sure it’s a term I’ve used non - clinically.

It made me famous for a couple of weeks.

Ahem. Please, my good man. “Pinch a dookie”.

I believe it was here that I was first acquainted with the phrase “to honk out a dirt snake.”

I don’t mind “pee.” I hate the word “poo,” however. The proper term is “poop.”

At home hubby and I tend to say potty, but not in public. I actually kind of like the British slang “wizz”. And depending on my mood I may also say I’m going to drain my lizard… which raises some male eyebrows when they hear it. But I say it for that reason (to get a reaction).

My wife says “micturate” as a semi-joking way of describing where she was/is/will be doing. Half of the rest of the time, she’s still in small boy/toddler mode, and refers to “going potty”.

Pee is a welcome and simple way of putting it, I believe.

Dainty folk say “tinkle.”

I generally just say that I need to visit the facilities when I’m among strangers. Those closer to me are told I need to pee. :smiley:

I’m glad you warn them before you let fly.

But I thought ladies took a “powder.”

When my brother and I were kids, we were taught to say that we had to either “squirt” or “grunt”.

Yup - I had me some parents.

By the way, I’ve always wondered - wouldn’t you want to leave a dump - not take one?:dubious:

I think a “pinch a dookie” widdle baby would say “pee pee”:smiley:

I say “tinkle” in situations where I don’t want to come off like an uncouth rube. “Pee” sounds a little coarse to me.

But I really hate “potty.” 100% parents say this; people who do not have children never say “potty.”

Yeah, when I defecate.