Peeing after sex

After sex, or the solo equivilant, I usually have an urge to pee. This was also true with some of my partners, but not all. I can somewhat understand the physiological reason for it, the unit performs both functions.

I have been told that peeing is actually a good thing to do after sex. Both to clean out the love juice and to disenfect the shaft.

Is this true? It sure sounds logical.

Folks who are prone to urinary infections are advised to pee after sex, to flush out wandering bacteria which are making the climb into the bladder. I read this in the Playboy Advisor or some such impeccable source. :rolleyes:

I once had a kidney infection, and the hospital told me it was also called “Honeymoon Disease” – caused by having lots of sex and not peeing afterwards.

In my case, at least, that was probably true.

AskNott, it’s true. Playboy may have spread it, but they were correct to do so. I am prone to kidney and UT infections, and every time the doctor sees me, they tell me to pee after sex.

I pee after sex because it feels good. The rush of warmth and pressure through the very-awake prostate gives me the post-climax quivers.

Or is that TMI?

Another vote for peeing from a urinary tract infection person. Oh my, now that I am writing this, I see I may post after my hero, Cervaise, of telemarketer fame. Good Lord, I have to change into someting more suitable.

Years ago, following an evening of heavy drinking I would experience following an occassionally particularly intense orgasm an acutely discomforting sensation inside but at the tip of my penis that demanded the flow of urine for relief. For an hour at least I would be kept awake dribbling now and then into the toilet for relief untill the sensation subsided enough that I could sleep it off. Anyone had this experience as well?

another hand raises

My OB/GYN has assured me that peeing after sex is a ‘must’ if I want to avoid a nasty bladder infection. She also suggested drinking as much water as I can every day and gave me an open ended prescription for Macrobid. I love that woman.

When my husband and I were at different universities, we only saw each other once every two months or so. Needless to say we made up for lost time, and I would always have a bladder infection a couple of days later. After a couple of these incidences, I finally mustered up the courage to ask my GYN what it was all about. She gave me the sex story, also calling it ‘Honeymoon disease’ and alluded to the fact that rougher than usual sex also put tiny tears in the tissues surrounding the urethra (where the bacteria gets in).

So, after hemming and hawing, I guess what I am trying to ask/suggest is that maybe you’ve been really rough/energetic sex? Putting tiny tears in the tissues around the end?

I pee during sex.

Just kidding.

Yeah its best for girls to pee after sex to cut down the chance of infection. I suppose the same goes for guys but women are more likely to get infections.

I generally don’t take a leak after sex, only because I fall asleep about 15 seconds after I cum:)

Oh yes! I have experienced this as well. Especially after good, butt slappin sex.

Grienspace, I have that too, sometimes! Luckily only once every couple of months, because it is very uncomfortable, and almost impossible to fall asleep with that sensation.

I don’t think so FaerieBeth becuause the sensation was internal and would subside in an hour or so.

Seeing as you are the only person confirming that weird sexual sensation ** kip70** I wonder if the cause is genetic or somehow geographic. I was born in the Netherlands you know. :slight_smile:

grienspace and kip70, you aren’t the only ones with that…experience. It has happened to me several times, and I’d be damned glad to know what causes it – it is hardly pleasant.

I can just hear the line now. Im giving you this golden shower for health reasons. Or let me make a water ballon out of you head it’s good for me.
I have never had that painfull piss nut hope to never get it.

Raises hand…

Another victim here. It’s only happened a few times, but it’s really fucking frustrating when it does. Up, down, up, down to the toilet…and of course, you’re all peed out so it’s very difficult to get relief.

Uhh…speaking as a virgin, I have had that sensation that kip and grien described. I used to get it semi-frequently up until possibly 2 years ago (I’m 17). It was pretty annoying and sometimes painful. BTW, this used to happen before I started eggjobbin’.

mhendo, grienspace, and other victims

Yep: me too, under exactly the same circumstances. I think it must be a very common male experience. My suspicion is that it’s a spasm of the muscles in or around the bladder (bladder pain is referred to the tip of the penis). Anyone in the medical line care to comment? It’s very uncomfortable, but I assume harmless. I’ve always dealt with it by drinking lots of water, or a few cups of tea; letting the bladder fill seems to help it pass off.

I prefer to get out of bed first…

Put me down as another sufferer of grienspace’s Syndrome. It must not be as uncommon as we all thought. I’d say the Master needs to get in on this one.