Peeing in a swimming pool

Growing up, there was a neighborhood family that had a swimming pool, the only swimming pool on the street. The kid from that family was always cordial enough to invite the entire neighborhood to swim in their pool, however, he always spoke of a chemical that was in the water that would detect urine. The general threat implied that if you urinated in the pool, there would be a ring of “red” around you, singling you out not only as the biggest loser on the block, but also the guy who put the “p” in “pool”.

Is there such a chemical… Or was little Donnie Wright a marketing genius with no product to sell?

Gotta Go

The answer is “no”.

Damn I love this site.
I can’t believe I fell for that one.

The truth is, if you pee in a public swimming pool, no one will be able to tell -unless you’re peeing from the diving board.:stuck_out_tongue:

ah, sort of not so Azazel. There is a test.

Organic stuff in the water effects your eyes. When you’ve been in a public swimming pool & look at a light & see a purple ring around it, that is because the organics in the water (pee, etc) are effecting your eyes.

We had a pool for years & never got that effect. But have seen it happen with public pools.

I never came across such a chemical in the 70s when I worked at the head office of Canada’s largest pool store.

Got a cite for that, handy? I tend to disbelieve it, as I learned in ophthalmology that it’s the chlorine and other ions that cause the conjunctivitis that causes redness, and a slight corneal aberration as a result of the inflammation, and visual changes. Anything that can cause conjunctival inflammation will have this effect, including viruses, allergies, and a wide range of chemical irritants.

Qadgop, MD

You’re asking him for a cite?

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I worked as a liefguard last year for our city pool. The manager said she was looking at buying some stuff that you added to the water so that whenver someone peed the water turned purple around them and then it followed them where they went.

Smart pee?:slight_smile:

Insert the “laughing my ass off” smiley here :smiley:

I guess if a cite gets posted, then urine luck.


I recall from many years ago coming across warm spots in the pool at the Naval Base. Are these “pee spots?”

Hey, it’s the old “act as if” principle.

Yeah, right, I can see it, going back in time to circa 1977 & pulling the quote so I can post a quote link for QM. Sorry, dude, ain’t gonna happen :slight_smile:

But if you use search engines you can find a lot of info on organics & the effect on your eyes (the so called red eye effect) in pools. ‘Pee’ isn’t the word to look for ‘organics’ is.

So why don’t you back up your claims instead of us, handy?

It’s the polite thing to do. Besides, it might convince people to take you seriously, for a change.

Yer all missing the point, I’ll bet there was less pee in that kids pool than any other pool in the neighborhood. I know if someone told me I’d have a bright red ring around me, there would be less temptation to pee. Sounds like a pretty smart kid that likes to swim pee free.

or more, maybe just a little pee, just to see if it is true.


Being brought up by my father who is a Chemical Engineer and listening to him explain what he was doing at work in great detail, I naturally gained an intrest in chemical reactions of multiple substances. (Don’t tell me you never sat in the bathrrom mixing stuff together just to see what would happen. :smiley: )

So, a buddy of mine just got a new pool and gave us the “Red Ring” warning. Being as skeptical as I was, I had to test his ‘theory’. So I jumping in the pool and …ahhhh…

Turned out his theory was full of holes and not Red Rings. =)

"So why don’t you back up your claims instead of us, handy?’

If you read what I said, I said the information was given to me in the 70’s when we had a swimming pool. I never got those eye rings from our pool, just public pools where tons of people & kids pee…There was no P in our OOL.

There was an F though…

D+R :D##