Peg Leg Medical Apparatus

Within the last year I have seen this twice and I’ve never seen it before. The person has a full leg cast bent at the knee at a 90 degree angle. They have a peg leg stand which goes over the cast which allows them to put some weight on the leg for ease of mobility. I’ve seen them online listed as hands free crutch.

My question is simple, what injury or surgery would be treated by setting the leg at a 90 degree angle? I've never broken a leg but I've know people with breaks in every leg bone (not at the same time) and I've never seen a leg set like that until recently.

WAG: How about a broken ankle or heel?

The two people I’ve seen have had a cast to above the knee. That seems like overkill for a broken ankle.

Knee scooters/walkers are sold as an alternative to crutches.

Seems to be a (possibly cheaper) version.

ETA:Further down the page:Something like this?

Yes it was something like that. That’s not the question. The question is what will cause a leg to be set at a 90 degree angle. The two people I saw had hard casts.

I’m guessing some type of muscular repair that shouldn’t be flexed or stretched until it heals. I think I’ve seen this “pegleg” as well.

One entry from a search result…

“Nondisplaced Salter-Harris type I and type II fractures are treated with a long leg cast with 30-degree flexion at the knee.”

You can look up all the casts specified for leg bone fractures and surgeries.