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In one of the high school scenes in that movie the class is pledging the flag while singing “my country 'tis of thee”. Huh? I went to three different schools as a kid, and we never did that. Have any of you?

Yes, in the 1970s, we sang that song quite frequently in school.
I don’t think it’s as hard for kids to sing as “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Isn’t the official name of “My Country …” really “America.”

I’m not sure of the exact title of that song. But when I was in school we pledged the flag with the ol’ “I pledge alllegiance to the flag, of the United States …” and so on. We didn’t sing to it. I just find that unique.

Upon rereading the OP, I see what your question. In my elementary school, we would recite the pledge, sing the song, and then say a prayer (it was Catholic school.)

Here’s the Straight Dope on titles. One of my little hobbies happens to be collecting old hymnals and classroom songbooks.

The 1910 McLaughlin & Gilchrist Song Reader: A Graded Course in School Music in One Book has the song “My Country 'Tis of Thee” listed in the index under that name and also under “America”. On the page in question, it says “America” at the top. It does not have the song “America the Beautiful”.

The 1910 Coronation Hymns (Methodist, I believe) has “My Country 'Tis of Thee” listed in the index both under that name and as “America”. On the page in question, it calls it “America”. BTW–under the title, on page 353, it notes, “The national song of America.” Directly opposite it, on page 352, is “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Hmmm.

The 1951 Ginn & Co. Singing in Harmony, edited by Pitts, Glenn, and Watters, has “America the Beautiful”, but not “My Country 'Tis of thee/America”.

The 1953 Ginn & Co. Singing Juniors, also edited by Pitts, Glenn, and Watters, also has “America, the Beautiful” but not “My Country 'Tis of thee/America”. I’m going to assume this is a matter of personal taste on the part of the editors.

The 1957 Ginn & Co. We Sing and Listen, edited by Sisters Cecilia, John Joseph, and Rose Margaret, has “My Country 'Tis of Thee”, listed in the index as “America”, and it says “America” on the page in question, but there is no sign of “America the Beautiful”. Apparently they didn’t see eye to eye with Mesdames Pitts, Glenn, and Watters on the merits of Katharine Lee Bates.

The 1953 Tabernacle Hymns (Southern Baptist, I believe) has both “My Country 'Tis of Thee” and “America” listed in the index, also “America the Beautiful” and “O Beautiful for spacious skies”. On the pages in question, it says “America the Beautiful” and “America”.

The 1957/1971 Hope Publishing Worship and Service Hymnal (non-denominational) has them listed in the index thus:

America–see My Country 'Tis of thee
America the Beautiful–see O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
My Country 'Tis of Thee
O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

On the pages in question, it says “My Country 'Tis of Thee” and “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies”. So evidently the editors decided to go with “first lines” as titles.

I’m going to stop now–this is only some of my collection. It looks to me as though either “My Country 'Tis of Thee” or “America” is correct, at least where hymnal indexes are concerned. But I think most people probably refer to it as “My Country 'Tis of Thee”, and would assume that “America” refers to “America the Beautiful” because of the chorus, “America, America, God shed his grace on thee…”

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Can’t answer the title question (but it seems to be answered already), but I can say that we sang the song in grade school.

I 2nd BobT’s post.

In grade school we did the pledge and sang America (this was ummmmm 1975 to 1983, I think).

We didn’t do either in junior high or high school, unless we went to a sporting event.

Crap. Sorry…

…unless we went to a sporting event, where everyone sang the Star Spangled Banner.

When I was in 3rd grade we had a rotation of songs that we did every morning before class (along “The Pledge”).

They were “America,” “America, the Beautiful,” and “God Bless America.”

I have nothing to add to the OP, but I would like to point out that this movie was filmed in my town. :slight_smile: Theres a scene where Peggy Sue and that guy go shopping (they talk about nylons, if I recall correctly - it’s been a long time). Anyway, that store is now the bookstore in which I work.

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