Pellet Grills

Thinking of buying a pellet grill as my propane grill is acting up some. I like the idea of cooking with wood instead of oil. And one of the by products of burning propane is water, and Alton Brown says I’m steaming my steaks. :eek:

I’m looking at Treager or perhaps Louisiana King. I can get a good deal on the King from my Nephew. But of course it’s a 350 mile round trip, so may not be worth it.

Any Dopers using a pellet grill? They say you can smoke, grill and bake by adjusting the heat, but I’m worried that the temperature will not be hot enough to really sear steaks because there’s that steel sheet between the meat and the firebox. I mostly do beef steaks, pork steaks, chicken, and ribs. Not concerned about anything but the beef steaks.

Any stories to share?

My father in law has one, a Traeger. It’s nice; damn near impossible to burn food on it. I haven’t done steaks on it yet, but chicken comes out very well.

The one downside I can see is that you need to have an electrical outlet for the blower or it won’t work. And whoever built my new house neglected to put any outlets along the back of the house. Which is fine; I have a nice shiny new gas grill and wasn’t looking for one, but it limits where you can put a pellet grill.

How about you do a nice rib eye medium rare and get back to me on Monday? :smiley: One about 1.5" thick should be a good test. It needs to be nicely seared on the outside and nice and red to pink in the middle.

Electrics not a problem with me. I cook in the drive way just between my garage doors. I have a receptacle just inside so I’d only need about 10’ of cord.

While I find that an admirable reason to cook a rib eye, I’m not trucking over to their house, loading up the thing (it’s heavy!) and bringing it to camp wiht me this weekend, where I’ll just have to use a generator to run it.

Nope, this weekend it’s cooking over an open fire with apple crisp in the Dutch Oven in the coals.

But my husband says it’s good for steaks.

Well, you could just camp out in their yard you know!