Pelosi is right - Coronavirus stimulus

The criticism Pelosi is getting for not passing Trump’s stimulus plan and for getting a bit heated with Wolf Blitzer over it is really getting on my nerves.

In a democracy you need to negotiate to get things you want. You can’t just give concessions in return for nothing, and you can’t commit to things when talking to the media before you sit down with your opposition.

Pelosi’s job isn’t just to negotiate with Trump, it’s to negotiate with Trump and McConnell, who hasn’t himself agreed to Trump’s stimulus. If Pelosi capitulated entirely to Trump’s plan, McConnell would still reject it out of hand, and the battle wouldn’t be over, we would just see the start of the real negotiations with the Democrats having already given up on most of what they wanted and being forced to negotiate for one Republican proposal against another one.

The question here is what is the goal? To score political gains in the election or to help people who are hurting [and a lot of people and small businesses are hurting a lot]? Pelosi’s strategy produces a very substantial risk there will be no deal until the next Congress–and that only if President, House and Senate are all Democratic. The Senate’s half a trillion is much better than nothing–especially since there could be a much bigger package in the next Congress.

If the Republican bill still has that provision wherein employees cannot sue their employers over lack of Covid safety measures, that right there is reason enough for me to agree with Democratic rejection of same.

Pelosi’s strategy of not simply accepting whatever shitty proposal the Republicans offer, is they offer one at all? That strategy? I’m all for it; I love Pelosi’s Strategy.

Someone should tell Pelosi that for Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, the four months between now and February 2021 are a long time.

I’m one of them; she’s doing fine.

The House passed a bill long ago, May, I believe. Trump has all this time been completely opposed to negotiating anything at all. Until now. Pelosi is right, Trump only, ONLY, wants to get checks bearing his name out there before the election.

Why shouldn’t they tell that to Trump and the Senate Republicans? The House already passed a bill.

How about telling that to McConnell? If the Democrats win both the presidency and the Senate, why would there need to be any delay past early early November, since passage in February will happen anyway? The only reason for a delay to February would be because McConnell is fine with fucking over the country if that makes things slightly more difficult for the new administration.

Have we reached a point that it’s so normal that the GOP will act irresponsibly to fuck the country if they feel they gain some partisan advantage from doing so, that we accept it as though they are not responsible for their own actions, and blame other people for not pandering to what they want to stop them fucking us?

According to reports, Pelosi and Mnuchin have been closing in on about a $2 billion package with Mnuchin increasingly giving ground on what she wants just to get Trump a deal, any deal. So I think her strategy has worked so far, but it’s getting to a point where she needs to cut the deal with Trump so she can put McConnel in a box. There’s no way he can get his caucus behind a $2 billion stimulus, so he’d either have to reject a deal that the Administration is party to or try to pass it with mostly Democratic votes. Either way, it puts Republican Senators in a no-win situation and gives Democrats another tool to hammer vulnerable Republican incumbents.

The thing is that if Pelosi decided to accept one of the Republican proposals without any negotiation, that still wouldn’t guarantee passage. Pelosi is being expected to start at one Republican plan to negotiate against the other.

If the Republicans are actually serious about negotiating and passing a relief bill, the goal should be to get the best deal possible that both helps Americans between now and February and isn’t a get out of jail free card for big business. If they aren’t, there is no reason to play their game.

EDIT: Should also say that it would be stupid for Pelosi to assume the Democrats sweep. She has to factor in that even when the next term starts, we might still be in the same situation.