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( Aren’t those the motorcycle guys who have to put their gun in the other hand just to use the clutch? )

He was delegating, and there was no shortage of traitorous toadies happy to do the work.

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Pence: “I know the media wants to distract from the Biden administration’s failed agenda by focusing on one day in January."[/quote]

Thinking the full quote should be “I know the media wants to distract from the Biden administration’s failed agenda by focusing on one day in January the President of the United States tried to have me killed for not invalidating a free, fair Democratic election.”

I think that was how it was in the beginning. But I don’t think that’s where we were by the end of Trump’s term, and definitely not where we are now. It’s Trump who has the high approval rating amongst evangelicals, not Pence. Pence served more a fig leaf to allow them to support Trump, making it easier to pull the trigger. But, through the following four years, they were completely indoctrinated. He appealed the to underlying authoritarian nature of much of conservative Christianity.

I’ve encountered people who I once knew who were going on about Trump being a prophet. (It’s the one where I learned about “Trump the role” vs. “Trump the man” when he lost the election.) And I’ve encountered people who freak out whenever I point out that Trump seemed utterly selfish, never doing anything that benefited other than himself. I was told that this was CNN propaganda, and that Trump had had a “come to Jesus” moment, and all the bad stuff about him was fake news.

I recently watched a video that’s about 2 years old now by a Canadian YouTuber trying to analyze why Evangelical Christianity was so associated with the American Conservatism. He gives your view as the initial view that doesn’t seem to hold:

Instead, he argues that Evangelical Christians became so intertwined with and powerful within the Republican party that they now have trouble separating their political and religious identities. What has happened is that, instead of their faith motivating their political positions, their political positions (as told by the leader of the Republican Party) now motivate their faith.

American Antichrist.

America elected him, and God smote us with a plague for our wickedness in doing so. After all, what Biblical plague was viewed as a positive expression of God’s pleasure?

(The above argument makes them froth.)

There must have been a thousand times Trump said something bat-sh*t crazy at a podium while Mike stood by, looking like he was tasting ice cream for the first time.

Attacking Joe is entirely consistent with his apparent personal views - so no surprise. Even if ice cream, does not usually come in tubes, and even though that isn’t really chocolate anything.

I doubt he’s ever tasted ice cream. Pleasure is sinful, you know.

The following article has been posted before, originally by BigT from what I can see, but it seems appropriate to repost here. As someone who self-identifies as a christian it’s baffling to me that other “christians” can’t see this. Take or leave it but it’s a fascinating read from a theological perspective.

And yes there’s no quicker way to end a conversation with a Trumpster than by bringing up things like this article.

AFAICT, it’s just as likely to be that Pence is continuing to suck up to Trump precisely because he is afraid of those who tried to kill him. It was pointed out less than three months ago that “Vocal elements of Trump’s base remain furious at him for his refusal to reject the results of the November election”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pence still gets death threats from those “vocal elements of Trump’s base” on the regular.

Trump said once, JUST ONCE, that he wanted to ban abortion. That’s all some of them need.

Let’s also remember that Pence has all the charisma of a school bus fire.

For the record, I think a lot of these are stretching it, but no more than the stretching these same people do all the time to argue someone is the Antichrist.

My main argument remains that, regardless, he is an antichrist. His ethos is the opposite of the one Jesus preaches in the Gospels, or which his followers teach in the rest of the New Testament. While the scriptures he cites may not be prophecies about the anti-Christ, they do describe things the Bible teaches are evil, and are things evil people like to do.

I personally subscribe to the idea that Revelation is talking about stuff that was going on around the time it was written. The same is true of Daniel, another book of apocalyptic literature. I think even the verses in 1 Thessalonians were warning about things the author was already seeing.

Still, these things are part of human nature. They are things that happen again and again. And these verses are telling those who read them to look out for these signs.

Heh. Probably looking to see if there was anything where you could say “this is the point when making the call was up to him”. Or where someone explicitly told the VP out loud he could not do otherwise, so he could point to it.

But every repetition showed it was a ministerial duty, something he HAD to do under the law, not a discretionary decision up to him to make based on what he thought should happen. And Quayle told him that much.

Pence’s misfortune is that while he may believe he could say: “I wish I could do what you wanted, but I did not have in my hands what the Law requires to do it”, MAGA Nation doesn’t want to hear that, they are convinced that the mere existence of motions from morons to challenge the count should have been enough and Pence was too wedded to the Way Of The Establishment to pull the trigger.

That the man can’t even be at peace with himself that he just had to do what he did and had no choice, is just sad.

Completely agreed. It bears mentioning that the idea of the AC is completely non-scriptural. There’s a lot interpretation involved.

Not to too fine a point on it but I again am in complete agreement. My understanding of the teachings of Jesus include kindness, mercy, forgiveness and charity. None of that is exemplified in any way by the cult of Trump. The fact that others can’t see that really confuses me sometimes. My own argument is similar, it’s not really a religious thing necessarily it’s about morality/ethics and being able to apply lessons taught and learned as applied to each other.

It’s widely believed that the Book of Revelations was about the Roman Empire, (at least in the books I’ve read). So again agreed. There are too many people who subsume their own prejudices into their religious beliefs without bothering to apply common sense or a charity to others.

Yep. And they’re deliberately choosing to ignore those signs or simply don’t care about them.

But this starting to feel like a hijack so I think I’ll let it go now.

He always reminded me of the character “Venger” from Saturday morning cartoons.

Lord Venger of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

I can see a bit of a resemblence.

Venger was more expressive though.

Here’s an interesting article speculating about Venger:

That “day in January” line ranks right up there with Omar’s “some people did something”.

Suppose MAGAnation is right and the vice president has the power to toss the election. Then on 1/6/25, VP Harris will declare the Democrat the winner no matter what the electors have voted. The Democrats will always win the White House no matter what the voters want.

I’m good with that.

Well, at least right up until I’m not. Republicans don’t have a corner on corruption and incompetence.

Look, they are doing the best they can!