Penguin Bowling is a UL! Damn!

I have heard, on several occasions, that pilots in the Antarctic go “penguin bowling” to relieve boredom… “penguin bowling”, I was told, involved slowly flying over a colony of penguins in an airplane, causing the penguins to all turn to look at the incoming plane. The penguins would all then follow the plane’s path towards and then over them, causing the entire colony to fall over on its collective asses!

Now, I am not ordinarily a cruel person [sup]aside from a little light B&D, on occasion… don’t tell Astrofiance, as she doesn’t know…[/sup] but I thought this was absolutely hilarious!! It actually was a large part of my world-view! “No matter how bad things are for me right now,” I would think, “Somewhere, a pilot is about to make an entire penguin colony fall on its ass! Thank you, God!”

But just now, I was surfing around, and stumbled across this!!

Damn, damn, and double-damn!!! :mad: