Jokes from movies/TV shows/etc... that you just got recently

So I’m watching my DVD collection of The Critic, and in the episode where Jay’s parents get lost on a tropical island (an episode I’ve seen several times), there’s a scene where Franklin and Ellenor (Jay’s parents) are in the plane and the ride is pretty bad (it’s a crappy airline.) Franklin goes to talk with the pilot, and he finds out it’s just a penguin (who has been drinking, even.) He then says:

“What a minute, penguins can’t fly. PENGUINS CAN’T FLY!”

At which point the plane starts to go down. Until just now, I thought it was funny only in the context of “a penguin is an animal, and therefore not capable of handing an airplane.” Only now do I get the real meaning of the joke. :smack:

So how 'bout you? What joke eluded for many times until you finally “got” it?

Two from Spaceballs:
“What’s the matter, Colonel Sanders? Chicken?”
“Prepare for metamorphasis. Ready, Kafka?”