Penguin Fanatics Rejoice!

No, not Opus lovers.

Lovers of the Penguin Classics.

Amazon, purveyor of fluff to the masses, is now atoning by exclusively offering The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection.

List Price: $13,317.74
Price: $7,989.99
You Save: $5,327.75 (40%)
This item is not eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. :rolleyes:

Remember the thread I started for Heinlein fanatics? That was $2200 for a lousy 46 books. The Penguin Classics comprise 1082 books! (Including 38 by Anonymous, that ol’ hack.) That’s a mere $7.38 per book. For a stack 838 feet high! Weighing 700 pounds!

OK, so they’re only paperbacks. You try lugging 1082 hardbacks up to your bedside.

And if you read a page a minute, three hours a day, 365 days a year, you could finish them all in about 8 years. Think of the CS threads you could start! Wouldn’t that alone be worth $7,989.99?

P.S. If you go to the page, click Add to Cart just to see what they’re going to charge for shipping. You’ll be surprised. :cool:

It’ll go quite well with my Criterion Collection Gift Set.

cool very cool

funny the Criterion Collection was the first thing i thought about as well when i read this

It just occurred to me that when they talk about a stack 838 feet high, they’re cheating. This could only happen if they stacked the books upright.

In reality, the books will average maybe an inch in thickness. So 1082 inches of books will fit on about 30 shelves, given a 36" bookcase. That’s nothing; I have that many shelf feet just in my bedroom, and that’s mostly overflow, not any of my real holdings.

Bah, humbug! to quote a classic. :slight_smile:

Nuts. I thought we were going to talk about Burgess Meredith.

This could actually be a good buy for an organization that wants to start a library in a hurry. I can’t picture an individual laying out eight grand in one go for books (much better to spread that over a large number of purchases so you can kid yourself that you really don’t spend that much money on books :smiley: ), but for a suitably well-funded school or club this could be an attractive offer…

I would go for it if I had the room and time to read them. I fear that I need to get past the insane 14 hour workday phase of my life first :smack:

Apparently not available from Amazon canada… not that I was really going to buy. :wink:

…or Danny Devito.