PENGUIN LUST!! Gay penguins fall in love, adopt egg

From the New York Times:

You see? You SEE? That Massachusetts court allows gay marriage and just LOOK what happens.

Cuteness overload. :cool:

Out of the water and into the streets!

[Opus ON] Penguin lust is NOT “immoral and wicked.” And anybody who thinks so is just an old prude… It’s beautiful! And natural! And I for one fully support penguin lust! [Opus OFF]

I await someone with Mr. Donahue’s response…

That the keepers gave them a “foster egg” to raise is adorable.

Awwwwww! :slight_smile:

Not only is it funny, well, Matt’s rendering of it also, but its sweet.
I’m going to tell my church friends tomorrow and see what they say.
Penguins are cute anyway.

Now we know why gay marriage must not be legalised; just look what those dastardly gay swans will do:

Watch out for gay couples stealing your children! :eek:


They were NOT born that way!
It was a CHOICE!!!

Good Lord, next thing you know cats and dogs will be living together and having sex! Where will it end? Wont someone think of us breeders?!?!?

“That’s great, but today’s topic is ‘nun beating.’”

“Good God, man, I can’t support THAT!”


What do you call the result of such an union ? a cog ?

My female dog regularly humps and grooms two of my female cats. And the cats purr and roll over for her. Then the three of them have a big grooming and purring session.

Damn dirty homos. What is society to do?

Amend the Constitution. Take that, penguins!

<venkman> Mass hysteria! </venkman>

Thanks for the link, I was just mentioning this to some friends of mine…eery timing, though…

That is just so cute!

Rock on, gay penguins. Rock on.

Actually, society lost its innocence regarding avian devian forty years ago with the release of “Mary Poppins,” during the “Spoonful of Sugar” song, where two red-breasted robbins where shown sharing a nest. Up until that moment, this had been “the love that dare not tweet its name.”

The resultant outrage brought about the proposed “Defense of Roosting” ammendment, but, with the government preoccupied with the Civil Rights crisis and the Vietnam War, the proposal died in committee. The committee chair, interestingly enough, was Senator Byrd! Coincidence or conspiracy? You tell me.