Penile Missile

Theoretically, since there is no legal way to prove this, how fast would an erect penis have to be going to poke somebody’s eye out? I assume it could not be limp, as I can’t imagine it would be an effective eye-gouging tool in that capacity. Thank you.

Not that it’s any of my business, but why exactly do you need to know this? And what do you mean there is no legal way to prove this? Is someone about to sue you?

Since you can gouge someone’s eye out with your thumb, which doesn’t have to be going very fast at all, I imagine in the right circumstances it could be done with an erect penis. Pressure and angle will be much more important than speed. However, a relatively small thin member, roughly thumb-sized in fact, would be much better gouging tool than a larger, blunter unit.

When I said legal, I meant that I can’t imagine the government would mandate an experiment to test that out. Could an erect penis cut off someone’s head if it was going fast enough? I feel that might be the better question.

Not only could it succeed, it’d be proud of itself afterward!

I suppose in a sky diving situation, given the right circumstances, sure.

I’ve heard the phrase “skull fuck,” but damn…

Nah, it just flaps in the breeze. Cite. (Note link is worksafe, video clip is NOT.)

I don’t think it could be done under anything resembling normal circumstances; whilst the shaft of the erect human penis can be quite… well… rigid, the glans remains rather… spongy - this is going to tend to dissipate the force across too wide an area. It would be like trying to pick your nose with a squash ball.