Penis Emporium Restaurant

Found this on Daily Snopes. It’s from BBC, so I guess it’s trustworthy.

The mind boggles. There are a thousand gag lines possible here.
With Pictures, no less!

“Gag lines” indeed. Ewwwwww.

Well, on a positive note, you don’t have to buy it dinner first before getting a little something something.

Probably sound advice.

You know, I was worried that I might eat too much at a company sponsored lunch today. I was steeling myself to say ‘no’ to any cookies and to make sure that I kept my carb intake low.

Then I clicked that link.

Thank you, SDMB! Now I know that I can not only skip lunch and not miss it, but skip dinner too…!

I see in the article they have perineum on the menu as well. I’d skip it, though, as it’s probably tainted.

'Taint the meat – it’s the stupidity.

Steaming Penis Fondue. All together now –

Band Name!

If you’re still hungry after your meal, can you order spotted dick for dessert?