Penis Q (Maybe TMI)

I really never wanted to ask this, I swear, but the curiousity is killing me.

My penis has an upward angle while erect, perhaps 50 degrees (rough estimate). Once in a while (i.e., maybe once every 10 erections) I have the strange ability to “crack” my manhood, for lack of a better term. When I mean crack, I mean the type that resembles that when you apply pressure on your knuckles, etc. The way I do this is by pressing down with moderate force on the organ, and I feel a knuckle pop in the base of it. It’s not audible, but it feels exactly like the type I feel in my fingers. What is this? Is it normal? What’s its medical name? Anyone else have the ability? I’m going crazy over here…

I can do the cracking thing too. I wonder if it’s weird…


I can’t answer your question, but careful there! You have read this, haven’t you?

I can do that too, but I havent for a long time, since I don’t want to break anything down there.

Hey, call a urologist. They know.

I’ve done it before. It doesn’t seem to have caused any permanent damage. As for the feeling … it’s fun? It doesn’t really hurt, but it doesn’t feel spectacular. And of course I can’t do it as reliably as I can crack one of my knuckles:).

No idea what the term for it is, though.

It’s possible to break your penis! :eek:

I dunno, but I think penises that curve up are way sexy.

What about penises that curve to the right?

start jackin’ left.

I mentioned “cracking my penis” to an ex-girlfriend once… she asked a doctor about it and he said it was normal, but I shouldn’t do it. The reason wasn’t given, but if it has any chance at all of causing a fracture, I think my penis-cracking days are over.

Could be sexy, I guess. Is it veiny?

You do know that, with time, all peni point to the floor.

There was a recent topic on penises that lean or are crooked, whatever ya want to call it.

And you have to live in Tokyo! Alas, I’m jailbait anyway.

Just a quick thank you for even implying veiny ones are sexy. I get so many yucks about my “arterial abundance” that I beginning to get a complex.

What about circumcised penises that have had little mottled lighter-colored areas on the glans (and one on the upper part of the sheath) for over three years, even though the owner has tested negative for all the common sexually-transmittable diseases?

Er, hypothetically, of course. :o

mmmmmmmm… veins on the penis are sooooooo sexy

Well, if you didn’t have them, you couldn’t get an erection.

I always wish mine bent up a little. Makes it look like a buckin’ bronco. Neeeiiigggghhhh…