Pentagon Bureaucrats: Bomb Squad Doesn't Qualify For Hazard Pay, Must Refund Past Payments

An example of why the “MF” in “REMF” is entirely too kind:

Good luck retaining or recruiting bomb squad technicians in the future, guys. On the bright side, we’ve identified some people who have officially determined that disarming bombs is not hazardous, and who would thus presumably be willing to step up and take over the job.

Not the same thing at all. In the military all combat arms have job descriptions which entail doing hazardous things. The military does not get hazardous duty pay unless they are in a war zone. This team was based in D.C. to deal with threats to the Pentagon. These guys are as rear echelon as you can get. They get paid for potentially being in hazardous situations in the future. Maybe. How many bombs have they actually disarmed or disposed of since 2008? I think it is a valid point that they don’t qualify for an extra allowance over and above their salary. Does anyone else at the Pentagon get hazardous duty pay? The military? Civilian guards? DoD police?

That doesn’t excuse the horrible way the bureaucracy has handled this especially if they were promised the pay as a condition of employment. It’s not 100% clear by the article but I’m assuming these are DoD civilian employees. It may very well be true that to get qualified personnel more pay is needed. Well then put them in a higher GS bracket. There is going to be trouble if you say these guys are deserving of a 25% boost due to hazardous duty while the security personnel who are there to stop any potential threat do not get that boost.

Shit, nothing to it, just open the sucker up and cut the red wire. Wait, maybe the blue wire? No, never mind, I was right the first time, its the red one…

I think Susan A. Yarwood should be horsewhipped with a horse whip.

Clerical error? Maybe. Stopping the extra pay? Sucks, but OK.

Demanding the money back??? Fuck you. The clerical error was YOUR error. YOU should be the one to suffer for it.

Hopefully a congressman or two will get involved.

Now the Pentagon is saying they will not have to pay back the excess pay.

Too late for Axel, who was a great guy. I hope his family sues the fuck out of anyone they can for emotional distress. His suicide due to the debt was bad enough, but the refusal to release the full amount of his death benefits was a complete dick move.

I’m astounded that the Pentagon and all the reporters I’ve read have referred to the bomb squad members’ “debt”.

Well, a pilot has to fly for 4 hours a month to qualify for flight pay. Maybe if an EOD guy spends x many hours bomb defusing in DC they get HazDuty pay?

“Hey Ray, how long is it going to take to defuse that thing?”
“I dunno, Bob. When does my Hazard Pay kick in?”