People Are Strange

This is just a mild rant about something that happened to me earlier and I thought I would share…

My home phone rang about an hour ago and I waited to see if they would give up and call my cell, but they didn’t. About 15 minutes later, the phone rang again, I answered, a young woman said “Hello” and then hung up. About 5 minutes later, she called back and asked if I was “[my name] from [the fish store I work at]”. She said she was in the store a few weeks ago buying an eel with her father and she thought I was sexy so she looked up my number. Being a natural skeptic (and decidedly not sexy) I start asking questions trying to figure out who she is. I asked who her father is and she replied, “Hey, I’m not gonna give up all my secrets here.” I reply “Yet you track me down and call me–” and she hangs up before I can finish.

Of course, I don’t have Caller ID and I tried *69 but it didn’t work. It’s an interesting scenario, but I dunno, I don’t quite buy it… She knew my last name and yet virtually none of the customers at the store know my last name. Oh well, I’d be curious to know who she is, but the way she pulled it off was totally silly. Being nervous and hanging up and refusing to tell me who she is. Besides, I think she’s lying for another reason… We’ve only brought in 2 eels in the past few months and I’ve sold them both and I know who bought them, and they definitely don’t have daughters remotely near her age. Anyway, I’m a 21 year old hermit who rarely has anyone call me, let along these sort of high school-type escapades, I found it amusing.

So yeah, to sum up: people are strange…

If this isn’t the epitome of MPSIMS I don’t know what is.

{ Lisa Simpson, amidst telling a scary story in ‘Treehouse of Horror’ }

"…and the policeman on the other end of the phone said, ‘We have traced the call. It’s coming from the floor below you. Get out of the house!

But it was too late. End of story."

Hmm…in retrospect, I wonder if it’s at all significant that she said she was “The Viper” and that she’d be over in 30 minutes?

(you know, “The Viper” is coming to “vipe the vindows”)


Ducking & running in your own thread is bad form.

On the other hand so is recycling that joke.

Say, “The Viper” episode of G.I. Joe wasn’t on Cartoon Network the other day, was it…

The Tiki mask hides my shame.

I remember this…haha!

Well, you are strangers.

As a side note, in the new GI Joe comic series, published by Image, in the latest ish, “The Viper” has made a reappearance. [sub]

And I got the Joe Joke right away.[/sub] :slight_smile:

Maybe she’ll call back and ask to see YOUR little eel. She might want to pet it. :slight_smile: