Strange Phone Call. Or My Life is Bizarre

My ex-wife’s girlfriend (yes, the one she divorced me to be with) called me last night. She called to set me up with a friend of a friend of hers.

The story goes like this. She, hereinafter called GF, went to the tanning salon yesterday. When she walked in the owner/friend, hereinafter called OF, asked her if she knew of any nice single men looking for same. One of OF’s friends was standing with her and had been complaining about not being able to find anyone to date. (I’ll use the masculine pronouns for him since he’s the only guy in this story other than me.)

Apprently he and GF talked for a few minutes and she told him about me, then she offered to give him my number. He said he was too shy to actually call anyone. So she told him she’d give me his number.

My ex-wife emailed me today to ask if I’ve called yet.

How strange is my life when my ex-wife and her girlfriend are trying to set me up with some guy GF met at a tanning salon?

I saw your dog having sex with a cat in the missionary position. Now that was strange.

Things seemed pretty black and white when we were kids, didn’t they? Funny how life’s experiences changes established views on things.

Not to pry or anything, but are you gay? I mean, the story as-is is odd enough, but if you’ve never even given a hint of homosexuality that’s really weird.

Though, then again, all my vegetarian friends try to convert me to that as well. May just be human nature.

… rather, they try to convert me to vegetarianism. I can’t believe I phrased it like that.

Okay, that’s pretty weird.

Still, IIRC you said she was sorta of jealous…so maybe she has ulterior motives. Then again, maybe she’s just relized that you are going to be part of her life because of the kids (am I remembering correctly?) so she’s reaching out in this manner.

Either way, have a good time!

Good memory, Sue. The girlfriend is very much the jealous type. She has had a difficult time accepting that my ex and I want to remain friends. Perhaps it is a break-through for her.

Yes, Inky-, I’m mostly gay (Kinsey 4).

That gives me an idea for an IHMO poll about where people place themselves on the Kinsey scale.

Kinsey 6, but you probably knew that already. :smiley:


So you are gay, your wife is gay.

I think I know why you divorced.