People are WAY too critical of iTunes games

Man, I recently got an iPod touch and have been getting a few games off iTunes and I’m telling you, I really don’t know what the fuck these people expect out of a $1 game but they sure sound as though they think they are entitled to Xbox 360 caliber games. I downloaded a game called Cartoon Wars Gunner and it’s a pretty fun game. Good 2d graphics and the controls aren’t terrible, but they aren’t perfect. The game cost $1. Reading the negative reviews of the game people are giving it 1 star for controls that aren’t perfect. Graphics aren’t that good. etc…

This is a $1 game people. Alot of these $1 games are better quality than DS games that you buy for $40. I don’t get where people get off bitching about stuff like that on a $1 game. Just doesn’t make any sense.

I went through and read reviews of a bunch of other games and even the best games are littered with negative reviews bitching about imperfect controls and weak graphics when the game is $1 or even worse free.

WTF people?

Surely the reviews should highlight the shortcomings of the game so consumers can decide if it is worth the dollar, bandwidth, and time.

Highlighting a shortcoming is one thing but giving a game 1 star because the graphics are awesome or the controls are not perfect? On a $1 game? Give me a break.

I agree with ultra low scores for shit ass game but a game that has 2000 5 star reviews and 100 1 star reviews where all those review bitch about a lack of features on a 1 dollar game is ridiculous.

I think Apple themselves are fostering that kind of nonsense. Company execs are talking about how the iPhone and iTouch will challenge the DS and PSP as the gaming device of choice for the majority of the population. So users are beginning to think it should be a real gaming platform. You’ll even see financial analysts saying that Nintendo and Sony should be scared that Apple is going to dominate the handheld market within X number of years.

Please. :rolleyes:

Eventually, everyone will come to their senses and realize the App Store is not a real gaming machine and the whole furor over “there’s an App for that” will blow over and we’ll go back to treating these titles as the disposable cell phone games they are.

The iPhone and iPod Touch are simply poor gaming platforms for the kind of games I’m interested in.

Hint: If your iPhone game requires the use of on-screen buttons or control pads, you fucked up.

The itouch games they show in television commercials look cool, does anyone have experience playing those? I know the last time I checked for the 'pod classic, the selection of games was pretty mediocre, and they tended to be short, poorly slapped together pieces of shit with bad controls and little thought put into them. And they were mostly $5. The guitar hero ripoff wasn’t too bad, especially since you can add your own tunes, the others I’ve played weren’t worth it.

iPod games aren’t even in the same league as iTouch/iPhone games. Totally different animals. There are a tone of crappy games for the touch but there are alot of $1 games that will give you $10-15 worth of enjoyment though.