People eating Tide pods

I had heard recently that there was a group of moms who were trying to get Procter & Gamble to stop making Tide laundry detergent pods look so tasty because kids kept eating them.

I got a call from an old friend a little while ago. Her elderly dad is in the hospital in critical condition. He ate a Tide pod :smack:. He doesn’t have dementia or anything. My best guess is that his failing eyesight and sense of taste led him to believe that he was eating something edible.

Is it possible that Tide pods are just that good? I have some in my laundry room…

See, that’s how it starts…

Yum, they do look good.

I keep those Electrosol dishwasher pods in a bowl on top of my microwave and I can confirm that people are always wanting them to be candy so they can eat one. But no one has actually eaten one yet.

Ok… Small child, failing eyesight. Maaaaaaybe you bite into it. It has to taste like, well, soap. If you swallow and continue eating at this point, perhaps we are all better off without you.

I still have to ask my little sister what the hell she was thinking when she ate a whole bottle of Tylenol when she was three. I can’t really talk, though. I can clearly remember eating as much salt as I could pour down my throat one time, which I promptly barfed on the living room rug.

There’s a pic on this page with a crying toddler who was told she couldn’t eat it.

Gotta say it does look a little tasty (the pod - kid not so much)

I’ve seen some prescription drugs that look a little too much like candy, but I guess if your kid is close enough to your drugs where it’s possible for them to eat them - you are a bad parent.

Ethilrist - I think you should at least smell one and report back for the sake of science.

There are lots of things that look like candy. I was shopping tonight and saw what I thought was candy for sale, it was actually erasers designed to look like Twizzlers.
Little kids don’t have a good idea of what’s safe until they’re about 3. They’ll eat anything.

At first I thought the title was ‘People eating Tide pools’. I wondered if people were munching on algae and mollusks, or if people were being eaten by tide pools.

The same must obliviously be said for detergent pods.

Seriously, where are people leaving them that small children can get them?

I doubt it has anything to do with the taste, those things look like candy.

But once you tasted them, they would taste really bad. A toddler might still swallow, but an old non-demented adult?

People need to start leaving bowls of the pods out in their homes, at least if they don’t have young children. Think of it as Darwinism in action. I seriously can’t think of any reason an adult with all of their faculties would eat one.

We don’t buy them for this reason. My two year old has no sense of what to eat and what not to eat. She eats all sorts of bizarre foods and I have to keep an eye on her over it – banana peels, tinfoil and (I admit we laugh ourselves silly when she does this) dry cat food.

Now you have reminded me of something my older sister and I used to do. You will be disgusted. We would hide in the bathroom with the cat and have cat food parties, in which we poured small portions of Meow Mix on the floor for each of us and ate them. Ah, memories.

Those pods look EXACTLY like a kind of gel candy sold by the cash registers in small groceries around me, I’m not kidding.

I know you aren’t talking about gel caps because I accidentally bit into one and there is no way you don’t spit it out immediately. They burn.

I looked up a picture and I can see where it might be a problem for young children, but for adults who have all their mental faculties. . .I dunno. I have a general policy of not putting stuff in my mouth without knowing what it is first that’s served me pretty well. Any candy that looked like that and was that big, I’d eat by licking first, which would probably cue me in that it wasn’t edible.

We’ve had some cases of dogs eating them, too. I don’t know what their excuse is since they don’t see colors too well so I doubt they’re thinking “ooh, candy!”.

They’re thinking “it fits in my mouth, therefore it must be food.” I’ve never met a discriminating dog ;).

I haven’t seen them close up in person. I do have the dishwasher packs. They are coated with a plastic-like substance. Who eats plastic? Sure, a baby or a dog might. But a toddler knows enough to unwrap candy.

And why don’t people watch their children and put dangerous things out of harms way?

This is why we can’t have nice things.